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Frunction aims to be a community of like-minded people who believe digital privacy is a right. Through honest opinions, unbiased information, and easy to follow guides, Frunction wants to make topics like digital privacy interesting and understandable for everyone.

To achieve this, Frunction welcomes everyone to become a part of this community and make a contribution. If you have an opinion about recent events/news related to digital privacy, or if you can write a detailed guide about different privacy tools, you are welcome to become a contributor at

As a contributor, you will have a contributor profile on Your profile and articles will include your website and social media links. While it’s not a paid opportunity, it will be a showcase of your knowledge, skills, and writing abilities. is an inclusive community that believes in equality. It invites honest views from both sides of the argument. Everyone is welcome to author an article as per the following guidelines. Use details on the contact page if you are interested in becoming a contributor.

Contributor guidelines

  • Articles must not have been published elsewhere before being published on Contributors may publish their articles on their personal websites after publication on
  • Content must be honest and unbiased.
  • Opinions should not be defamatory or insulting to individuals or organisations. The difference between insult and criticism should be clear to contributors.
  • Views must be presented in balanced tone and should present enough evidence to prove a point. Relevant links to reputed third-party websites should be added.
  • Contributors should invite open discussions and be willing to accept criticism and conflicting views.
  • Personal partnerships with organisations must be disclosed.
  • Articles should be written in good faith and in responsible manner.
  • Guides should be written in simple language assuming readers are not tech-savvy.
  • Articles should create atmosphere of awareness, not panic.

This is just an overview of what is looking for in contributors. Suggestions are welcomed if you think these guidelines can be improved.

Last modification to this page was done on 4th August, 2020.