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Welcome to This page describes what Frunction is, what it does, and how.

Frunction aims to be a community primarily focused on digital privacy and security. We believe digital privacy is not a luxury for a few but a right for all. Through its honest opinions and easy to understand guides, Frunction wants to make topics like digital privacy interesting and understandable for everyone.

We want companies who built their empires with our data to be held accountable and become responsible in what they do and how they do it. At the same time, we want to create awareness, not panic. We think that the right way to it is to provide more information. The more information people have, the better they can decide for themselves.

Frunction’s goal is to become a source of information that is presented in an unbiased and balanced tone with honesty and transparency. Frunction wants to be a community of like-minded people who are willing to create awareness and understanding among those who care to look for information. Frunction provides this information through opinions, guides, reviews, and news.

Welcoming contributors

Frunction welcomes contributors who would like to share their opinions about recent events/news or write detailed but simple guides about digital privacy and security tools.

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Services used

We use UpCloud Ltd, a Finnish company, as our hosting providers. All website data is stored and served from their data center in Germany.

We use self-hosted instance of Open Web Analytics to learn basic information about traffic on This information includes pages visited, source of the visit (search engines, other websites etc.), and total number of visitors. Anonymised IP address (last octet removed) is collected to identify country of visits.

Being sustainable

We believe information should be free and open. Content on is not hidden behind a paywall. We do not use ads that track you across the internet or use trackers to collect data about our readers and sell it.

Everything that’s free is paid for by someone. If you are getting something for free, then either you are the product or you are using a product that is funded by someone else. We too, have to spend money to operate and compensate the time we spend in sharing the information.

To fund our operations, some articles may include affiliate links to the products that we trust and/or use ourselves. We do not seek or claim a partnership with any organisation whose product we link to. Inclusion of affiliate links does not influence our decision making and we only link to products that we are confident about sharing with our readers.

Although some may not agree with the idea of affiliate links, as a new website we have to make a choice between advertisements that track our visitors or including links to products we trust. We have to fund our operations somehow and in absence of ads or sponsors, we believe affiliate links may help us become somewhat self-sustainable.

You do not have to click affiliate links, but if you do, a cookie may be placed on your device by the third-party website. This cookie does not include or track personal information but helps track the purchase – if any.

Frunction operates with complete transparency and all affiliate links are clearly labelled. We do not hide our use of affiliate links and make it clear to our readers via this page, disclaimers page, and our articles.

We do not accept compensation — monetary or otherwise — to recommend a product or put it on top of our lists. Our opinions and recommendations are based on our own experiences. All articles are written in good faith with honesty and are unbiased.

If you do not wish to use affiliate links but still appreciate our efforts, you might consider supporting us in other ways.

The trust factor

You should not trust anyone when it comes to the privacy and security of your own data and devices. We do not expect our readers to trust us. Our job is to collect and share information and let readers make their own decisions.

Frunction can not verify claims of privacy and security made by companies. At the same time, we also do not hide or conceal information. If we know something, we will share it with good intentions. If we don’t have enough information to trust a provider, we will not include it in our recommendations.

Last modification to this page was done on 7th August, 2020.