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How to Use Your iOS Device as Surveillance System

Everyone has their own reason for loving (or hating) Apple’s iOS devices. Some like their features, some like their durability, some buy iOS devices because of the App Store which offers vast choice of great apps and some people (like me) love iOS devices because of surprising use of these iOS devices. iPhones are used as glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, baby monitor, ultrasound system, remote controller for lights, locks and air conditioner etc. There are so many usage of iOS devices that you can ever think of. Now there is an app that allows you to turn your iOS device into a monitoring camera, for free.

The Manything home security webcam app allows you to use your iOS device as a surveillance system for free. Manything is really easy to setup without any prior knowledge of surveillance systems. Below is the tutorial for turning your iOS device into surveillance system.


An iOS device running iOS 6.0 or later.

Needless to say that your surveillance device must be connected to Wifi in order to stream recorded media over the internet.

Step 1 :

Open App Store on your iOS device, search for Manything and download it. Alternatively, you can click here to download.

Step 2 :

Open Manything on your device.

Manything requires you to register using your email or you can continue using your Facebook account.

Chose your option and continue.

Provide the details required.


Step 3

The next step is to chose whether this is the device you want to use as a surveillance camera or you want to use this device to view your cameras.

The device we are currently working on is the device we are going to use as the surveillance camera. So chose Record using this device option.

manything surveillance ios

Step 4

Attach a charger to your device, and arrange it at the place of your choice.

That’s it. You have configured your iOS device as a surveillance system.


Now to view your recording, you have two options. First is to use another iOS device or using the Manythings web app.


Using secondary iOS device to view your cameras:

Download Manything from App Store onto the secondary iOS device.

Open Manythings and use the same account information (email or Facebook) as you used on surveillance device.

Now this time, select View my cameras option and you will see your cameras.


Using Manythings web app to view your cameras :

Go to Manything’s website

Sign in using the same credentials you used on the iOS device. And you will see your cameras.

So this is how you can turn your iOS device into a free surveillance system. Use is the way you like.

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