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iOS 8 HealthKit is Buggy : Apple Pulling HealthKit Compatible Apps from AppStore

So I am 20 minutes away from iOS 8 launch here and I have received news that the much anticipated feature of iOS 8 – HealthKit, is probably buggy. HealthKit allows developers to develop apps that can help users to keep a track of their health and fitness data. Apple has been highlighting the HealthKit feature of iOS 8 since iOS 8 was introduced back in June.

Now just a few moments before the release of HealthKit along with iOS 8, Apple has pulled HealthKit-compatible apps from AppStore. Some last minute issues have forced Apple to completely remove HealthKit-compatible apps like Carrot Fit and MyFitnessPal from AppStore. While the reason for fitness apps getting removed at last moment is unclear, but it seems the issue is from Apple’s side.

According to tweets from Brian Mueller, developer of Carrot Fit, he received an email saying Carrot Fit was removed from AppStore without any explanation. After which, he received a call from Apple which suggested that the issue is not with Carrot Fit, but the HealthKit feature itself. HealthKit is probably broken and not ready to launch (yet).

Now it must be really embarrassing for Apple to be in such situation that it has been forced to remove apps with highly anticipated feature – HealthKit, which can bring revolution to the health and fitness marketplace. While this is being written, it seems Apple is working on a fix but it is unsure when there will be a fix for this issue.

Apple met the same embarrassment with the launch of its Maps app with iOS 6 release two years ago. While Apple has the image to do everything perfectly, such last moment situations are not good for Apple and Apple fans does not expect this from it. While in the race of being ahead and introduce new features, it is also expected that companies like Apple test the features completely before they release it it to the public.

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