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How Social Media Helped A Cyber-Bullied Man Score the Party of a Lifetime

If you were following the social media over the last week, you might have heard of Dancing Man. An anonymous user posted a photo of “Dancing Man” on 4chan, making fun of his weight by captioning the photo as “”Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week, he stopped when he saw us laughing.” This photo went viral over the social media with the Dancing Man gaining support from all over the world. The photo was share all over the internet including Twitter, Imgur, and Reddit. This is when Cassandra Fairbanks, a writer at The Free Thought Project in Los Angeles, decided to speak out in support for him and to do something special.

Cassandra, along with her LA women’s group which consists of more than 1700 female members, tweeted an invitation to a dance party and asked the Dancing Man to join with #FindDancingMan hash-tag. The tweet went viral and within 12 hours, the internet found the Dancing Man known as Sean, living in London, UK. Sean then joined Twitter as @Dancingmanfound and confirmed his identity.

The donation page on Go Fund Me received $4000 in just two hours over funded in just a few hours. Even the celebrities like Pharrel Williams and Moby expressed their interest in joining the party with Moby offering DJ service for the party. The LA Memorial Colosseum offered to donate their stadium and  the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board volunteered to pay for Sean’s travel.

In this really great event which taken place on the social media showed two completely opposite side of it. The bitter side of social media showed us there are people on the internet who use it for negative purpose such as bullying and the better side once more proved that how social media can react to such negative use of it. The internet is not all about hate and it can do exactly what it is supposed to do – bringing people closer. While the internet went crazy over the colour of the dress last week, there are people on social media who act in a positive way when required.

Let us hope the power of social media grow even stronger.

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