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How to Get Free Apps Worth $10000 from Amazon Underground

Amazon has just launched Amazon Underground- An Android app that allows you to download a large number of apps worth thousand of dollars for free. Yes it is a real deal. Amazon Underground is an app which has all functionalities of regular Amazon mobile shopping app with an “exciting” addition: Over ten thousand dollars in apps, games and in-app items that are “actually” free.

Unlike “freemium” apps that are free to download and offers premium content by using in-app purchase, Amazon Underground aims to make premium apps actually free. In this surprising move, Amazon is offering free download of premium apps and games permanently. Amazon Underground work this way: For end user, all apps and games listed under Amazon Underground are actually free. End user does not pay anything to app developer or Amazon. Rather, Amazon pays the developer based on the time user has spent using that app.

“To be clear, we’re the ones picking up those per-minute charges so for you it’s simply free.”

To download Amazon Underground, you have to go to on your Android device. Amazon has not simply made Underground available through Google Play Store stating Google rules don’t allow an app that offers apps or games to be included in Google Play. It means that you must allow “sideloading” of Underground by turning on installation of third party apps. Amazon Underground apps and games are automatically available on Fire HD and Fire HDX tablets.

Goat Simulation Underground
Goat Simulator, a very famous premium game listed as “actually free” on Amazon Underground.

Amazon has also made it clear that Underground is not a one-time promotion. Rather it is a long-term program and it will continue to invent and add benefits to Underground.

The Amazon Underground app is a long-term program rather than a one-off promotion. Over time, we’ll continue to invent and add more benefits to Underground.

The question that can be asked here is “how” Amazon is going to support all these “actually free” downloads of apps. How is Amazon making the profit out of it? Can it be speculated that apps downloaded from Underground might contain some tracking mechanism to track user activity?

Another question comes here is will it actually benefit the app developers? And if yes, how?

We would love to have answers but for now, developers like Roveo, Sega and Disney have already released their apps on Amazon Underground.

By the way, to see which apps and games are available without downloading Underground, click here to go to the Underground App list.

Underground is currently available on Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon France and Amazon Germany.

What do you think about Amazon Underground? Feel free to voice your opinion.

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