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How to Get iPhone 6s Live Photos Feature on Older Devices

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are out now since yesterday. Apple fans who pre-ordered iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus received their iPhone at their door step and those who didn’t, queued up at Apple stores and finally got their hands on it. This article is not all about glorifying iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sales number or how fans lined up since three days to get their iPhones. But what we are going to talk about here is Apple’s Live Photos feature and how to get Live Photos on older devices.

Live Photos is a feature available in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus which captures small bursts of images before and after you have taken a photo, turning a still image into a short video moment. This ‘live photo’ can be played by tapping anywhere on the photo and it can be used as a wallpaper too. Okay, nice feature Apple. But what about those with older devices? Well, jailbreak at the rescue. Yes, Live Photos feature is available for older Apple devices too, all thanks to iOS jailbreak. In this cute little tutorial, you will learn how to get live photos on older devices.

Compatible with: iPhone 4s and later, iPad 2 and later.
Note: Your device must be running jailbroken iOS 8 in order to use this feature. Learn how to jailbreak iOS 8 using Pangu.

The jailbreak tweak which makes Live Photos feature possible on older devices is PhotosLive developed by jailbreak app developer Elias Limneos. PhotosLive is the best attempt to match the native Live Photos functionality developed by Apple for newer devices. PhotosLive include Live Capture, which is a powerful front flash with highly calculated intensity. It also allow you to apply filters directly to the live capture session. Another feature of PhotosLive that the captured moment can be used as wallpaper and it can also be shared to social networks as an animated GIF file.

To get Live Feature on older devices, just open Cydia and let it fetch updates. Once updates are fetched, search for PhotosLive. Purchase PhotosLive and install it. After installation is done, respring your device and you are all set. Go to Settings > PhotosLive to enable it and set other options such as Front Flash.

PhotosLive is on discount for one week and available for only $1.99. At this price, it is worth checking out for sure. After one week, it will be $2.99, still a great price for such a cool tweak.

See PhotosLive by Elias Limneos in action.

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