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100 Million Users and Other Interesting Google Photos Facts

After being spun out from Google’s social network portal Google Plus in May 2015, Google Photos has became one of the most popular photo sharing and storage service. Google decided to take Photos out of Google Plus and launched it as a separate service. Users can store up to 15 GB of photos and videos at full resolution or get unlimited storage if they choose to upload them at reduced size. Today, Google has announced that 100 million users are already using Google Photos monthly. Google also released few other facts and statistics about its photo sharing service. Read more to know more interesting Google Photos facts.

  • Over 100 million users are actively using Google Photos.
  • People take photos of food more than anything else besides humans.
  • Weddings are the most photographed events followed by concerts, Christmas, dancing, birthdays and clubs.
  • In the war between dogs and cats, dogs seem to lead, on Google Photos at least. Dogs are the most photographed animals on Google Photos.
  • Honk honk! Cars are the second most photographed thing.
  • Paris je t’aime. Paris is the most snapped city followed by New York and Barcelona.
  • Babies are the most searched subject on Google Photos.
  • 15 million GIF animations and collages have been created by Google Photos users.
  • The total size of photos shared on Google Photos is 3,720 terabytes.
  • Sky, beaches and mountains are among the top 10 things users take photos of.
  • Users mostly search for themselves on Google Photos. (Surprised?)

These are really some interesting Google Photos facts. Google Photos has been praised by users and media for its features, ease of use and other capabilities. The Verge has praised Google Photos for its speed and intelligence. Re/code has declared Google Photos as the best cloud storage for photos among competitors like Apple’s iCloud, and Microsoft’s OneDrive. Google Photos have proved in four months that it needed to be liberated from the ‘ghetto’ of Google Plus where it was ‘hidden’ down under.

By the way, one thing that scares me about using photo sharing apps like Google Photos, is privacy. When a user syncs photos or other data over a cloud storage, who owns the data? Does the service provider like Google own my data? Or me? And what happens when I delete my data? Is my data removed from their servers permanently? And in this digital era, Governments and courts can order companies like Google to hand over them my data. What will these service providers such cases? What happens when a security breach takes place. My ‘private’ data is not going to be private any more in such event. Is it better for me to just buy a hard disk with more terabytes and keep it safe with me?

I am now sure if such privacy or security concerns are taken into consideration in today’s ‘digital’ world. And users surely love services like Google Photos. Above facts about Google Photos proves that.

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Source: Google

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