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8 Best Free Form Builders for WordPress

Almost every website have a ‘Contact Us’ page. Some websites display address and phone numbers, some display a map location as well, and some websites have a contact form, or some prefer a combination of everything. Using a contact form, visitors can contact the business owner directly, without even knowing an email ID. No matter how you develop your website, you must have a contact form. And if you are using WordPress, we have hand picked 8 best free form builders for WordPress. Check them out.

1. Contact Form 7
Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin
Simplicity at its best. Contact Form 7 is undoubtedly one of the most preferred contact form builder for WordPress. If you are looking for a free, simple and user-friendly contact form builder that just works, Contact Form 7 is for you. You can generate as many forms as you want and add them on any page using shortcodes. To help you fight with spam, Contact Form 7 comes with CAPTCHA integration.

FYI, Contact Form 7 has been download 31,134,913 times till date!

2. Ninja Forms
Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin
Ninja Forms is the easiest way to build a form you need for your WordPress website. You can not only create contact forms, you can create just any kind of form with Ninja Forms. With its drag and drop interface, you will love how easy it is to build forms with Ninja Forms. There is no limit on number of forms, fields or submissions. Paid extensions are also in place to make ninja Forms even better.

With over 1,520,702 downloads till date, Ninja Forms is one of the most widely used contact form builder. Be one of them, download now.

3. Caldera Forms
Caldera Forms WordPress Admin
Caldera Forms is also a drag and drop form builder. This tiny, yet powerful form builder will help you create clean, simple, yet professional looking and responsive contact forms. Caldera Forms includes all of the form types you want, mail and redirect processors, entry logging and AJAX submissions. There are free and paid add-ons available for Caldera Forms to provide you even more functions like verifying email before submitting a message.

Have a look at Caldera Forms, I am sure you will be amazed by it.

4. amoForms
amoForms WordPress Plugin
amoForms is an infant at the time of writing this. It is just released, and we love it so much that we are adding it to our best free contact form builders for WordPress compilation right away. amoForms will help you create a contact form just in a few minutes. Click on a field to add it, drag and drop it to re order. You can also display a customized confirmation message, or take user to a page or URL after the message has been submitted.

We don’t wish to say anything more about amoForms as it is way too new, but install it and let us know how well it works for you. For us, it did pretty well.


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