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Best Free WordPress Resources to Help You Get the Most Out of It

Okay, let me get this straight to the point. Most new bloggers that start their blog on WordPress, or any blogging platform for that matter, are short on cash. Many bloggers start their blog because they love to write and want to spread word (like me), many want to use their blog as their resource of income (like me) and others don’t really want to earn money, neither do they want to spend much. You could fall in any category, but I am sure you are looking for free WordPress resources. If you do, then you are in the right spot, because I am going to list down best free WordPress resources that will help you get the most out of it, without spending a dime! Keep reading.

When writing about best free WordPress resources, the first name that comes in my mind is SumoMe. SumoMe is genuinely one of the best free resources for your WordPress site. SumoMe provides a bunch of plugins to help you make your WordPress site better. The free SumoMe plugins include List Builder, Contact Form, Scroll Box, Smart Bar, Google Analytics, Content Analytics, Welcome Mat and other plugins which will change the way your visitors engage with you and your site.

SumoMe plugins are light-weight and doesn’t put much load on your server. SumoMe has a friendly staff always available to help you. Their regular newsletters will guide you further on using their plugins in more productive way, eventually helping you generate more traffic to your WordPress site.

We are in absolute love with this ‘sumo’ and I am sure you will adore it too. Go give it a try.

Tip: You can always opt for pro version of SumoMe plugins to get even more features.

I am sure you want your WordPress site to load faster, want it to be safe from security threats and a free SSL certificate would be a cherry on top. CloudFlare is one of the most preferred CDN service providers, known for its up to the mark service. CloudFlare’s free plan includes features that will help you make your WordPress site faster and more secure. It will eliminate threats even before they reach your site by filtering them away.

In addition of providing better performance and security, a free plan of CloudFlare will give you a free SSL certificate known as ‘Flexible SSL’. You can configure Flexible SSL very easily with your WordPress site and make it even more secure with HTTPS connection.

Tip – Learn how to configure Flexible SSL by CloudFlare with WordPress

If you can’t afford to purchase a paid Content Delivery Network, you can choose CloudFlare’s free plan which will definitely help you make your WordPress site perform better.

Google AdSense
Displaying advertisements on your WordPress site is one of the easiest way to generate income from it. In the era of publishers bombarding their visitors with loads of irritating ads and ad blocking softwares behaving irresponsibly by blocking ‘all’ ads by default, it is hard for publishers who believe in providing quality content to survive. Anyway, if you want to display ads on your WordPress site, then AdSense by Google is surely going to be your first choice.

Google AdSense is the easiest way to start advertising. You can either copy and paste the ad code anywhere on your site, or use official Google AdSense plugin to choose where to display ads. Ads play nicely with any WordPress setup and there are themes available which are ad-optimized to help you generate more income.

Side note: Generating revenue from a blog is not a sin folks, don’t feel guilty if you are displaying ads on your blog. (If) you work hard to bring quality content for your readers, you invest time in it. Earning out of it is in no way wrong. Just make sure to pay attention on content and keep ads limited.

If you thought mailing lists are out of fashion, think again. Mailing lists are still used widely and they do work. If you are amused by beautiful newsletter sent to you by all those big organizations, it’s time to start building your own mailing list and sending newsletters. MailerLite is a web-based service which will allow you to craft gorgeous emails and send them to your subscribers. You can send a welcome email when a visitor subscribes to your mailing list and you can send them daily, weekly or monthly newsletters. There is no limit on number of emails you send. So feel free to draft professional-grade emails and make your subscribers believe you are no less than a professional!

The number of subscribers s limited to 1000 with a free plan of MailerLite which is enough if you have just begun. You can add more subscribers easily by paying some extra bucks.

Tip: You can use SumoMe (mentioned above) to collect subscriber data and send it over to your MailerLite subscriber lists.

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