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How to Fix Redirect Issue

Since my report about AdSense hijacking on 18th October, I have come to know about many users and webmasters facing the same issue. This is an on going issue where a user visiting a website would be redirected to a third party URL – In my previous article, I made it clear that this is a result of ad hijacking and I have stated the reasons to believe so. Since a few days, the redirect problem is spreading further and I have come across many rouge websites which claim to fix redirect issue. These websites are not genuine and can ask you to download a software to ‘clean’ your PC. Do not fall into such pitfalls and read more to learn how to get rid of redirection.

Why am I / visitors to my website being redirected to
As I previously wrote, this issue is most probably due to a malicious ad network. Knowingly or unknowingly, the ad network is serving ad which is forcefully redirecting you to If you are a publisher using AdSense to server ads or if you are visiting a site which use AdSense to serve ad you can face the redirection.

How to fix redirect issue?
It depends on what is your role while facing this issue.

I am a publisher/website owner/website administrator
If you are a website owner and using AdSense to serve advertisements, the best thing you can do is to block Adform from ad network settings in AdSense. To do so, go to AdSense dashboard > Allow and block ads > Ad networks.

Search for Adform and from the results, block Adform as shown below. You settings should reflect on your website(s) and visitors will no longer see this ad thus will not be redirected.

fix redirect issue

The reason for blocking Adform is my finding during investigating this issue. By using Google Publisher Toolbar, you can learn the buyer and destination URL of a particular ad. I have found the buyer to be Adform on such ads which redirect me and other visitors to

If you are not using AdSense and your visitors are still facing this issue on your site, let me know.

I am a visitor to websites
If you are facing the redirect issue while visiting one or more websites, the only thing you should and you can do is to install an ad blocker in your browser. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both have ab blocker extensions. Installing them will stop displaying all ads on every websites. A lot of website owners like me rely on advertisements to earn revenue. So make sure to use a blacklist and block only those websites on which you are facing the issue.

You should also contact the owner/webmaster/administrator of the website to let them know about the issue on their website so they can take steps to solve it.

Until a solution is found by those in charge of this situation, you should be following the above methods to fix redirect issue. I would like to repeat that the website which claim to ‘fix’ your problem are not legitimate and will ask you to install a rouge software on your computer. Sadly and surprisingly, these websites which are taking advantage of this situation are on top of Google search results making users to fall into such scams unwillingly.

If you still face the issue after following above steps, let me know. Add the URL of the website you were visiting, browser, device, operating system (Windows, Mac etc) and the destination URL you are getting redirected to.

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