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How to Get 30% Discount on Windows 10 Books from Microsoft Press Store

Windows 10 has been downloaded more than 75 million times in one month of its release as reported by CNN. Windows 8 and 8.1 did not live up to expectations and were not very well-received but Windows 10 has helped Microsoft to gain back its popularity among end-users. If we look at the requirement of Microsoft certified Windows 10 IT experts, it is no doubt that they are going to be in great demand as enterprises are also considering a switch to Windows 10. If you are a Microsoft enthusiast looking to level up your skills to Windows 10, there is a good news for you.

The good news for Microsoft Windows 10 enthusiasts is that Microsoft is offering 30% discount on Windows 10 books. Microsoft Press has announced three Windows 10 books which are available for pre-order, namely Windows 10 Step by Step, Windows 10 Inside Out and Windows 10 Plain & Simple. A discount of 30% is available on all three books.

discount on Windows 10 books

To avail the discount, you will need to enter discount code WIN10 at the time of checkout. This offer expires on November 30, 2015. Read more about this offer on Microsoft Press Store.

Windows 10 Step by Step by Joan Lambert and Steve Lambert is a part of Microsoft’s Step by Step series. It focuses on essentials for using Windows 10 by providing how-to’s in colorful visuals. Windows 10 Inside Out by Ed Bott, Carl Siechert and Craig Stinson provides hundreds of time saving solutions, tips, and workarounds. It covers everything from the new Microsoft Edge browser to the personal assistant Cortana, from security to the enhanced Start menu. Windows 10 Plain & Simple by Nancy Muir Boysen makes it easy to understand different Windows 10 features and provides simple ways to get things done in Windows 10.

All these three books are definitely a great way to gain expert-level knowledge of Windows 10 which will also help you with your Windows 10 certification exam. By the way, Windows 10 exam 70-697 is out now in beta and you can earn a Specialist certification if you attempt it during the beta period. The beta period is expiring in late October. Also worth noting, Windows 8.1 exams are retiring. Read more about Windows 10 exam 70-697 here.

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