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Ink Shape Recognition Is Coming to OneOne: Microsoft Announces

Microsoft has announced the availability of shape recognition feature in OneNote in addition to other announcements. Ink shape recognition is the most voted feature on OneNote Uservoice page. Microsoft has heard users’ opinions and has decided to bring shape recognition to OneNote. Shape recognition feature or Ink Shape Recognition as Microsoft has announced it, is under development and will be available in OneNote starting from this November.

In response to one of our top requested features on OneNote’s UserVoice, we’re excited to announce a new feature called Ink Shape Recognition coming to OneNote this November for iPad, iPad Pro and our Windows 10 app. – Microsoft stated in a blog post.

Ink Shape Recognition will help users by converting hand-drawn shapes into perfect-looking shapes. It recognizes basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles as well as complex shapes like quadrilaterals, pentagons and hexagons. To turn on Ink Shape Recognition, users need to tap the Convert to Shapes button on the Draw tab and start drawing with digital stylus. If a user does not have a digital stylus, he/she can use the button to the left of Convert to Shapes which will help achieve the same function on shapes drawn using touch or mouse. After enabling Convert To Shape, shapes drawn by user will be converted to sharp, perfect looking shapes.

Ink shape recognition OneNote

It (ink shape recognition) is great for everything from basic flowcharts and mind maps to Venn diagrams. We know teachers will be eager to try shape recognition out for Math class!

Ink Shape Recognition feature will be available on iPad, iPad Pro and Windows 10 OneNote app starting from November.

In the same blog post, Microsoft has announced partnership with FiftyThree Inc. to bring Pencil digital stylus integration with OneNote and capability to export ‘papers’ made in Paper app to OneNote. You can read more about the same announcement in our previous article – Pencil and Paper by FiftyThree Integration Comes to OneNote.

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