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NordVPN Get 3 months free Redirect Issue: Is AdSense Ads Hijacking Back?

Back in January 2015, users reported on Google AdSense Help Forum that users to their websites were being redirected to some URLs. The redirection occurred only when AdSense was enabled on site and removing AdSense code would stop the redirection. As noted by Sucuri, URLs where user were being redirected included lemode-mgz. com, adwynn. com, rgeoffreyblackburn. com, securevoluum .com, wan-tracker .com, consumernews247 .com etc. This issue spread across the Internet widely as a lot of sites took note of it.

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Google took its time to respond to the issue and posted a statement on January 16, 2015. Google acknowledged that a new type of ad spam was being investigated.

Google’s ads quality team is investigating a new type of spam that uses Flash to auto redirect users to a different site once loaded on a page. We’ve identified the cause of the issue, and have addressed the problem on our network. We’re working with impacted publishers and improving our screening to protect against this type of problem in the future.Statement by AdSense Team on Ad Spam Issue

The same type of issue seems be affecting users of now (See updates below). When ads start loading on, users are being redirected to I have posted the issue on Google AdSense support forum with no response so far. Upon investigating further, I have found the buyer of these hijacked ads is ‘Adform’. I am not sure whether Adform is an old AdSense ad network or newly approved one. redirect

On Google Chrome, the affected ad zone displays broken image. On Firefox, the infected ad zone stays blank. When an ad zone with as destination URL is loaded, the visitor is automatically redirected to redirect issue

I am (not) sure (if) Google is concerned enough about such issues which affect the publishers and drive traffic from their site to another, completely unknown URL. This issue is costing me loss of users and revenue as users are now moving away from my site due to hijacked ads.

If you are having the same issue, please let me know in comments and also make sure to post the same in support forum. Meanwhile, I am blocking the ad network Adform to make sure such malvertised ads are not displayed on I will be posting the updates on this matter.

Update: Many users are thinking this as a result of virus/malware in their computer. This is not related to virus or a hacked website. Since blocking Adform from AdSense network settings, visitors to are no longer facing the issue. Read why I believe this is AdSense issue. Also read how to fix redirect issue.

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Update #1: Another user have started reporting the similar issue. A reply posted on my AdSense form topic describes the similar redirection issue where the visitors are being redirected to automatically.
Update #2: One more user has reported the same redirection issue in comments to this article.
Update #3: Users on Singapore Hardware Zone forum are reporting an issue which also involves redirection to redirect AdSense

Update #4: A user on forum has reported the same redirection issue with site.

AdSense redirection to

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