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Pangu Team Releases Pangu 9 v1.1.0 With Improved Jailbreak Stability And Speed

Pangu team has released an updated version of their iOS 9 untethered jailbreak tool. Pangu team claims to have fixed jailbreak stability issues with this release. The previous versions of Pangu 9 were reported to be slow in jailbreak process. Many users reported the issue of Boot Loop of Death (BLoD) and failed jailbreak attempts. Last week Pangu team released v1.0.1 to fix issues such as Error 0A during jailbreak process. Now with the release of v1.1.0, Pangu team has made further improvements to its iOS 9 jailbreak tool.

Pangu 9 v1.1.0 changelog

  • Improve the success rate and reliability of jailbreak program for 64bit devices.
  • Optimize backup process and improve jailbreak speed, and fix an issue that leads to fail to jailbreak due to low disk space in Windows.
  • Fix a bug that leads to an exit of the jailbreak tool due to abnormal network status.
  • Add the re-jailbreak function (only for some devices that were upgraded via iTunes but were detected as jailbroken).
  • Fix a bug that leads to fail to use the instrument function in Xcode.

If you have successfully jailbroken your device with previous Pangu 9 version, you do not need to re-jailbreak. Just update Pangu 9 untether from Cydia for improved untether performance.

The updated version of Pangu 9 can be downloaded from Pangu’s website.

Pangu 9 v1.0.1 Changelog  (previous update)

  • Fix a bug that leads to 0A error code.
  • Fix failure of launching on some PC.
  • improve success rate.
  • Ensure the removal of the Pangu app.

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