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There Won’t Be AppSync Unified for iOS 9: angelXwind May Discontinue Further Development

Pangu team has just released iOS 9 jailbreak a few hours ago. AppSync or AppSync Unified might not be a new thing for those who jailbreak their iOS device or are following the jailbreak community. Besides finding exploits, developing a working jailbreak and developing cool tweak, a part of jailbreak community is active on the opposite side. Where tweaks like AppSync Unified are developed and a large number of users use it to pirate App Store apps. The developer of AppSync Unified, Karen, AKA angelXwind has stated that there will be no AppSync Unified for iOS 9.

According to angelXwind, the only active developer of AppSync Unified, AppSync Unified was developed to help developers sideload ‘fakesigned’ legitimate apps on their device. AppSync was developed way back by other communities like Hackulous, which no longer exists. Karen brought AppSync Unified into development in the time of iOS 7 jailbreak when other apps like PPSync existed and according to her, PPSync was ‘awful’ for many reasons. The active development of AppSync Unified made it popular among developers who did not have a developer account or a Mac computer.

Besides being used by developers, its actual targeted audience, AppSync Unified is being used by a large number of users to install pirated apps thanks to its capability to install ‘unsigned’ apps.

With the release of iOS 9 and Xcode 7, Apple has started allowing sideloading of apps for up to 90 days. Anyone with a Mac computer can sideload apps to his/her device without the requirement of having jailbroken device with AppSync Unified installed. This eliminates the requirement of having AppSync Unified and angelXwind is thinking of stopping the development of AppSync Unified further. After the release of iOS 9 jailbreak today, she made a post on Reddit jailbreak community asking users whether the development of AppSync Unified should continue.

Hi, I’m Karen — or angelXwind, as you may know. Basically, I’m the only active developer of AppSync Unified at this time, that tweak that allows you to install fakesigned iOS apps.
I’m currently writing this post because of one reason — I want your input on what I should do with AppSync Unified now that Xcode 7 exists.

Karen has mentioned why and why not should the development of AppSync Unified be discontinued. In favour of continuation, Karen and other users claims that stopping the development will affect those developers who does not have a Mac computer. There are number of users who rely on AppSync Unified to install apps which are no longer supported by developers. Other users install apps like WhatsApp which is only supported on iPhone. In favour of discontinuation, Karen fears that continuing the development would label her as a supporter of piracy, which she is not.

It feels like continuing development of AppSync Unified would then begin to make it seem as if I supported piracy of iOS apps, because I fear that because of Xcode 7’s sideloading feature, the ratio of “legitimate” users will drastically drop, making iOS pirates, say, 95% of the user base.

This surely is an interesting situation. Of course those who use tools like AppSync Unified to pirate apps will not accept so, or they may have other reasons ready. One fact is that Apple has made many efforts to curb down piracy, but every time, tools are developed which directly or indirectly help users to install pirated apps on their device.

AppSync Unified is open source and will be available for further development so even if Karen stops developing it further, there might be other developer(s) interested in taking the project further.

Update: angelXwind has decided to continue development of AppSync Unified.

What are your thought? Should AppSync Unified for iOS 9 developed? Or should it be discontinued as the basic reason of developing it is no longer valid with the release of Xcode 7? Feel free to add your comments.

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