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This Bluetooth Keyboard Lets You Type Emoji : Now Available for Pre-Orders

Everybody loves ❤ emoji. An emoji does not only smile or cry. Emoji can express almost any feeling. Even animals have their emjois. Cat emoji ?, dog emoji ?, mouse emoji ?, alien emoji ?, smiling poop emoji ? everything is there, as emoji. Previously popular in Japan, emoji characters spread just about everywhere. Almost every device sold out there has an inbuilt emoji keyboard. Now, there’s a physical keyboard for emojis too. Yes, you read that right. A physical keyboard, which lets you type emojis, just like I’m typing this article on a standard keyboard.

Emoji Keyboard. Finally a keyboard that speaks your language.

EmojiWorks, an Austin, Texas-based company, has announced a physical keyboard which features different emojis on each key. This keyboard can be used as standard keyboard to type the regular characters as well. When you want to type an emoji character, you simply press the ‘Emoji’ key at the bottom which turns each key into emoji character, just like you type a special character like dollar or pound sign. You can even set the skin tone of an emoji if you’re typing a face or body part emoji. The emoji keyboard by EmojiWorks include all the recently released emojis as well. Exciting, isn’t it?

Emoji Keyboard
Emoji Keyboard Basic

EmojiWork’s keyboard is Bluetooth-compatible. It can be used with Macs, PCs, and mobile devices which support Bluetooth. There are three different models of available. The basic version simply called as Emoji Keyboard, features one emoji per key with a total of 47 emojis. The Plus variant has two emoji per key with a total of 94 emojis, and the Pro variant has three emoji per key totalling to 120. The basic version coasts $49.95, The Plus one costs $74.95 and the Pro model costs $99.95 if you pre-order. A shipping charge of $10 ($20 if shipped outside of USA) is not included in price.

Emoji Keyboard Plus
Emoji Keyboard Plus

Emoji keyboard is compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 and later, iOS 9.1 and later on iPad/iPhone Windows 10 (in beta).

EmojiWorks is planning to start shipping from December.

Emoji Keyboard Pro
Emoji Keyboard Pro

This is not the first time we are seeing a physical keyboard for emojis though. Tom Scott had shown off a keyboard with over 1,000 keys each for a specific emoji available. Obviously a keyboard having thousands of keys won’t be a good idea in real life and the keyboard by EmojiWorks does the job perfectly.

What are your thoughts? Is buying an emoji keyboard a good idea? Will you be buying one? Let us know in comments.

Until we meet next.

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