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Jetpack 3.9 for WordPress Adds Sitemaps and a Bunch of Other Features

One of the most widely used WordPress plugin Jetpack has been updated to version 3.9. The latest version of Jetpack adds a number of new features including sitemaps. a new sharing button for Skype and a handful of improvements to other modules.

The most notable entry to Jetpack 3.9 is Sitemaps. Jetpack can now create sitemaps for a WordPress-powered site. Once activated, Jetpack’s Sitemap module will create two separate sitemaps i.e. a generic sitemap for search engines and a ‘News’ sitemap which can be used with Google News.

As with every other modules, Sitemap module need to be activated from the Jetpack control panel.

Alongside of Sitemaps, other notable feature includes a share button for Skype. Visitors to a WordPress site can now share content over Skype using the Skype share button. To enable Skype sharing button on your site, head over to Settings > Sharing in your WordPress dashboard, and drag the Skype button to the list of sharing buttons. It is worth noting that Skype recently announced share buttons in last November.

Skype sharing button introduced in Jetpack version 3.9

The third major feature introduced with Jetpack 3.9 is Social Menu.  A new menu location can be created using Social Menu which is used to display links to social media profiles on a WordPress site’s front-end. Social media profile icons are added from Genericons, also a project by Automattic.

Jetpack 3.9 Changelog

  • Added new options to allow management of users on your site directly from or from the Desktop app.
  • Made several changes to Photon to improve compatibility with WordPress 4.4. Custom image sizes are handled better now and all responsive image sizes will be properly displayed when using the Photon module.
  • Photon is now enabled by default on sites using HTTPS. You don’t need to use a filter to enjoy Photon on your HTTPS site anymore!
  • Added support for Wistia oEmbeds.
  • Fixed some issues with long album and track IDs in the BandCamp shortcode. Also added support for two new parameters: tracks and esig.

Bug Fixes:

  • AtD: Fixed replacing emojis with images in the text editor in Chrome.
  • AtD: Made pre tags be excluded from spell-checking.
  • CPT: Not registering Nova if it is already registered.
  • Carousel: Fixed a bug where full size images were not always served by Photon.
  • Carousel: Reverted a change that broke direct link to carousel image.
  • Contact Form: Fixed a CSV export bug with multiple choice questions.
  • Contact Form: Fixed notices when creating feedback entries without a contact form.
  • General: Fixed a scrolling bug on modal window closing.
  • Infinite Scroll: Disabled in the Customizer when previewing a non-active theme.
  • Publicize: Fixed notices appearing with bbPress or BuddyPress installed.
  • Publicize: Showing options only to users that can change them.
  • Related Posts: Fixed incorrect URLs generated for posts.
  • Responsive Videos: Fixed warnings in debug mode.
  • Shortcodes: Bandcamp: Fixed a problem with large track IDs.
  • Shortcodes: Fixed a problem with dynamic Gist embeds.
  • Stats: Fixed dashboard widget resize problem.
  • Widgets: Added a fallback to English US when a locale isn’t supported by Facebook.
  • Widgets: Fixed layout for Twenty Sixteen.

Complete Jetpack 3.9 changelog can be seen here.

Source: Jetpack

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