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Microsoft Pushes Configuration Update to Windows 10 Mobile Insider Devices

Development teams at Microsoft seems to be gearing up for next Windows 10 mobile update. And why not? Users are waiting to get Windows 10 mobile on their devices. It has been six months since Windows 10 was launched and older devices are yet to see Windows 10 running on them. Microsoft has been criticized for being unable to launch Windows 10 mobile at a full pace.

Gabriel Aul, Vice President, WDG Engineering Systems at Microsoft has posted a series of Tweets suggesting the launch of a Configuration Update to Windows 10 mobile for Insiders. This “configuration update” does not bring any new features, but according to Aul, it “prepares devices to receive the next cumulative updates.” Apart from Insider devices for next cumulative updates, the configuration update also brings improvements to the client side update experience.

If you’re on a Windows 10 Mobile Insider device on the fast ring, you should see this small configuration update delivered to your device soon.

Windows 10 Mobile: Is It Coming Any Soon?

With this configuration update and upcoming cumulative updates for Windows 10 mobile, we hope to see Windows 10 mobile rollout to take place soon. Microsoft itself should make sure to deliver Windows 10 for eligible devices to take benefit of Windows 10 popularity.

It is worth nothing that Windows 10 mobile support for Windows 8/8.1 devices was supposed to arrive in December last year. The availability however, was delayed until “early 2016”. As this is the end of January, let’s see when Microsoft will be able to launch Windows 10 mobile.

Windows Phone Is Dead! Will Windows 10 Mobile be Able to Save It?

Maybe Windows 10 could save Microsoft from its heavily declining market share in the mobile world. As recent reports suggest, Microsoft saw a huge 57% drop in sales of Windows phones last year, reaching all-time low. Microsoft has been able to sell only 110 million Windows Phone devices in its lifetime. Possibly Windows 10 mobile could do the magic for Microsoft?

We do hope to see Windows 10 bring some fresh change in the mainstream market of iOS and Android devices.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft and Windows 10 mobile? Feel free to share in comments.

Source: Gabriel Aul Twitter feed

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