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PC Market is Still Declining with 276 Million Units Sold in 2015

According to analytical figures released by International Data Corporation (IDC ), the declining in PC market has continued in 2015. Over 276 million PC units were sold in 2015. Despite this being a huge number of units sold, year 2015 has seen the biggest decline of 10.4% as compared to 2014. More than 308 million PCs were sold in year 2014, according to IDC report.

Year 2015 has ended up being the first year to see PC shipments below 300 million units since 2008, the report further suggests. The previous largest drop of 9.8% in PC shipments was seen in 2013.

The worldwide PC market is facing challenges from mobile devices like tablets and cellphones. IDC sees economic issues like reducing commodity prices and weaker international currencies, as well as social disruptions in EMEA and Asia/Pacific that disrupted foreign markets as a larger factor for drop in PC sales in year 2015.

The launch of Windows 10 was expected to boost PC sales but after 5 months of it’s launch, Windows 10 is yet to drive larger number of PC sales. The Windows XP end of support in 2014 drove sales as large number of users replaced their hardware for newer operating systems.

It is obvious to assume those users who just replaced their hardware won’t need to replace it again for Windows 10 as it carries compatibility with older hardware. In addition, Windows 10 is currently being offered as a free upgrade, which is also a reason users will not replace their PC for new OS.

As the IDC analysis suggests, users are “evaluating slim, convertible, detachable, and touch variations vs. more traditional PCs.” The report also suggests that there is potential for a faster transition to Windows 10 in 2016 than prior versions of Windows, thanks to positive reviews these devices have received.

The data from IDC report suggests that among top five PC vendors, Apple is the only vendor which saw growth of sales in 2015. Asus Group has seen biggest drop of 18.1% in sales among top five vendors. Lenovo is dominating PC market worldwide, followed by HP and Dell.

PC sales are expected to gain growth later this year with new generation of devices being introduced, including hybrid devices.

Hopefully this is not the end of PC-era, yet.

Source: International Data Corporation

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