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LG To Unveil LG G5 Flagship Smartphone on 21st February at MWC

21st February seems to the the day when two new flagship smartphones will be unveiled. Samsung earlier announced that its next Galaxy flagship -the Galaxy S7 will be unveiled on 21st February in Barcelona. Now LG also appears to be ready to launch its LG G5 flagship on the same day.

Since three weeks, LG has been teasing an event on 21st February. An invitation was released by LG which with an image of a green music box and a “Play Begins” teaser earlier. Without stating what to expect at the event, LG confirmed to CNET that a flagship handset will be launched.

Pointing at the launch date for LG G5, LG Mobile USA’s official Twitter account shared three images with the hashtag #LGG5 which display people gesturing as if they were holding a smartphone. These images also highlight the number “5” in some form. These Tweets however, were deleted soon for some unconfirmed reasons.

LG G5 Teaser - 21st February, MWC 2016

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It’s not clear why LG Mobile deleted those tweets but LG’s Korean website still points to and confirms the launch of LG G5 on 21st February -the “LG G5 Day” at 14:00 local time. The LG G5 public event will be held at Spain Club de San Jorge (Sant Jordi), Barcelona, according to the post made on the website.

LG Mobile’s Korean homepage displays a GIF along with a timer pointing at the launch of G5 on 21st February.

LG G5 Play Begins Teaser February 21

LG has been able to keep G5’s features and looks secret but it is rumored to feature a 5.3-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 820 processor, 3GB RAM, and 32GB internal storage.

What are your guesses? How eagerly are you waiting for LG’s next flagship? Will you be interested in buying when it is launched? Let us know your thoughts.

Deleted Tweet:

Deleted Tweet:

Source: LG Mobile

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