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Salesforce Lightning for Continuum Showcased on Windows 10

If you ask me about one of the best features of Microsoft’s Windows 10 mobile OS, I would definitely say Continuum. Continuum for Phones, combined with Microsoft Display Dock lets you turn your Windows 10 phone into a PC. Continuum for Phones makes a phone capable of delivering scaled apps on a bigger screen, also allowing the use of a keyboard and mouse.

Salesforce, one of the most widely used CRM provider is now taking benefit of Windows 10’s Continuum feature. Continuing strategic partnership with Microsoft, Salesforce showcased the new Salesforce Lightning for Continuum on a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL at a launch event in San Francisco today.

Salesforce1 Mobile App on Windows 10 can effortlessly transforms into the Salesforce Lightning desktop experience using Salesforce Lightning for Continuum. Users can use Salesforce1 mobile app on their Windows 10 smartphone and turn it into a full fledged desktop app with the help of Continuum feature of Windows 10.

The Salesforce1 Mobile App sets a new level of speed and flexibility for CRM— by empowering users to run their businesses from their phones with powerful tools that work in the cloud, keeping them up-to-date with whatever real-time data they need – wrote Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President of Developer Platform & Evangelism and Chief Evangelist at Microsoft in a blog entry.

To begin with, users need Salesforce1 mobile app for Windows 10 on their mobile phone and a wired or wireless Microsoft Display Dock. Using the dock, a Windows 10 phone can connect to an external display, allowing Salesforce1 mobile app to seamlessly transform into the Salesforce Lightning desktop experience.

Salesforce Lightning for Continuum on Windows 10 Showcased

The new Salesforce Lightning for Continuum is the latest integration between Salesforce and Microsoft designed to empower joint customers to achieve more, from anywhere.

The Salesforce1 Mobile App is available on and can be downloaded by logging in from a Windows 10 phone.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is pushing development of universal apps. Universal apps provide similar experience on any size of screen, be it a Windows 10 phone, a tablet or a desktop PC. While a number of universal apps are being developed for Windows 10, Microsoft is still struggling to launch Windows 10 mobile at a full pace.

Currently Windows 10 mobile is available with Lumia 950/950 XL smartphones and older devices are expected to receive Windows 10 update soon. A number of new Windows 10 mobile devices are also expected to be launched in near future.

With apps like Salesforce1 coupled with Windows 10, Windows app marketplace can attract even more developers to develop universal apps with Continuum support. Meanwhile, one of my favorite Windows 10 feature Continuum needs more supported Windows 10 devices. Let’s hope that happens soon.

Source: Windows Blog

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