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Samsung Galaxy S7 Gets a Release Date: To Be Unveiled On 21st February

Fans eagerly waiting for Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy phone, your wait is over. Ending all speculations and rumors, Samsung has announced the release date of Galaxy S7 phone. Yep, it’s official. Samsung is all set launch Galaxy S7 on 21st February, just after three weeks from now.

Samsung has started sending out invitations for a Galaxy S7-specific event. The event called “Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016” is to be held at CCIB (Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain on Sunday, February 21st. The event will begin at 19:00 CET, according to the invitation by Samsung.

Samsung is expected to launch not only Galaxy S7 flagship smartphone, but Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as well. If “leaked” tech specs and rumors are to be believed, the next Galaxy will be getting a pressure-sensitive screen, external storage, and Qualcomm’s fast-charging technology. Now that the official date of launch is announced, we can expect more leaks and speculations surrounding Galaxy S7 tech specs, only to end on the day of launch.

Get ready to rethink what a phone can do. #TheNextGalaxy will be revealed at Unpacked on February 21.

Along with the invitation, Samsung has also released a short teaser video titled ‘Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016 – #TheNextGalaxy‘. The teaser simply shows a man putting on a ‘Gear VR headset’ and reaching for the Samsung ‘unpacked’ box, virtually.

Samsung has been smart with the theme of teaser and in choosing the venue date. Virtual Reality (VR) technology has been receiving much hype and attention since last year and it is going to be the top technology with which biggest tech-players are expected to play this year.

The Galaxy S7 launch date, 21st February, is just a day ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) which is going to start from 22nd February. MWC, the smartphone trade show, is held every year in Barcelona. By timely setting up Galaxy S7 launch, Samsung has played wisely and all eyes will be on Samsung on the day of event.

Should we expect Samsung to introduce its own VR product(s) as well? Let’s wait and watch till the launch date.

Unpacked event will be live streamed on Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel
and Samsung Newsroom.

Watch the teaser video released by Samsung below.

Source: Samsung

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