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Samsung’s Unpacked Event Invitations Through the Years

An invitation to any event becomes the first glimpse of that event. Invitations and teasers usually give idea about what’s coming up and what to expect from the event. From cheeky one liners to play of words to smart use of graphics, an invitation can be either too simple, boring and tasteless or puzzling, interactive and exciting to take a look at.

While I’m not someone who designs invitations (I don’t design anything, for that matter) and this being a tech site, let me talk about some tech stuff.

Over the years, one liners have dominated invitations of Apple’s major events. From “The first 30 years were just beginning. Welcome to 2007” to “There’s something in the air,” one liners have always gave us clues about what to expect from Apple.

On other hand, Apple’s tough competitor Samsung have adopted primarily graphical approach for it’s Unpacked events. Samsung’s most recent invite is for its Unpacked event taking place on 21st February in Barcelona.

Samsung says its Unpacked invitations have always had clues, once you know “what to look for.” While Samsung’s Unpacked event is just about two weeks away, let’s have a look at Samsung’s Unpacked event invitations through the years.

Samsung Unpacked Invitation: 2012

Samsung 2012 Unpacked Invitation and Galaxy S3
2012 Unpacked Invitation and Galaxy S3

In 2012, Samsung sent out an invitation featuring shiny splashes of colors in organic, natural shapes. People were asked to “come and meet the next Galaxy” with the invitation. When the Galaxy S3 was unveiled in London, it too featured rich colors and a “natural design form.”

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Samsung Unpacked Episode 2 Invitation: 2013

Samsung 2013 Unpacked Invitation Episode 2 and Galaxy Note 3
2013 Unpacked Invitation Episode 2 and Galaxy Note 3

The white stitching around the invitation of 2013 Unpacked Episode 2 invitation pointed at Galaxy Note 3’s design. Galaxy Note 3 was launched at the event, featuring delicate stitching around the outside. Galaxy Note 3 also became notable for its textured back cover.

Samsung Unpacked Invitation: 2014

Samsung 2014 Unpacked Invitation and Galaxy S5
2014 Unpacked Invitation and Galaxy S5

For its first Unpacked event of 2014, Samsung chose to display nine colorful icons and plenty of digit 5. These 9 icons includes Speed, Outdoor, Curiosity, Fun, Social, Style, Privacy, Fitness and Life. Those icons matched the style of the new UX and the redesigned icons used for the new Galaxy S5 which debuted at the event.

Samsung Unpacked Episode 2 Invitation: 2014

Samsung 2014 Unpacked Episode 2 Invitation and Galaxy Note 4
2014 Unpacked Episode 2 Invitation and Galaxy Note 4

Samsung held another Unpacked event later in 2014. The invitation to Unpacked Episode 2 showed a sketch of a semi-circle, with several icons laid out around the arc. That drawing was pointing towards Air Command, a new interface that debuted with the Galaxy Note 4. Air Command automatically brought up S Pen related apps such Action Memo, Screen Write, Image Clip and Smart Select upon ejecting the S Pen from its holder.

Samsung Unpacked Invitation: 2015

Samsung 2015 Unpacked Invitation and Galaxy S6 edge
2015 Unpacked Invitation and Galaxy S6 edge

Last year’s Unpacked event invitation teased nothing but “What’s Next” written on it and an “elegant and suggestive” curve cutting across the page. At the event, Samsung introduced Galaxy S6 edge, which featured a dual curved screen, as pointed by the invitation.

Samsung Unpacked Invitation: 2016

Samsung 2016 Unpacked Invitation
2016 Unpacked Invitation

This year, Samsung has sent out invites to its Unpacked event which features a cube or a box. A video teaser released by Samsung shows a young man putting on ‘Gear VR headset’ and virtually reaching for Samsung ‘mysterious’ box. The invitation asks us to “rethink what a phone can do.”

What do you think? What should we expect from this year’s Unpacked invitation? Feel free to share your guesses in comments.

Source: Samsung

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