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Instagram Extends Video Length Limit from 15 Seconds to One Minute

After giving the privilege of sharing 60-second videos to advertisers, Instagram has announced that now everyone will be able to share longer videos. Instagram has extended the video length limit from 15 seconds to full one minute.

The ability to share 60-second videos has already been rolled out but not for all. Users will be getting extended video support in coming months, announced Instagram.

Instagram recently enabled public video view counts which ultimately lured users and advertisers to produce more video content. “In the last six months, the time people spent watching video increased by more than 40 percent,” according to Instagram. The new video length limit will encourage users to share more videos, making Instagram not only a picture sharing but a video sharing platform too.

With the latest version released for iOS, Instagram has also brought back the ability to create videos out of multiple clips from camera roll. It is worth nothing that the current iOS version is holding only two-stars rating due to issues with logging out.

The announcement of longer video length came when Instagram is gearing up to mess with users’ feed. The company is introducing out-of-order feed soon which will change the order in which content on your feed is displayed. Instagram says that this will improve user experience as users “miss on average 70 percent of their feeds.”

When the new feed rolls out on Instagram, it will show the moments Instagram “believes” we care about the most. I’m not sure how Instagram will know of my interests and which my favorite account is. I might be following 20 musicians, all of which are my favorite. It will be interesting to see how Instagram identifies our interests and present us with “all-new feed.”

For now, we will be waiting to get the new one-minute video feature to be made available to us. You can download the latest version of Instagram app for Android and iOS devices right now.

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What do you think about Instagram’s new video length limit? Share your thoughts and experience with us!

Source: Instagram

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