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Microsoft and Canonical Partnership to Bring Ubuntu on Windows 10?

We already know Microsoft’s changed stance towards competitive platforms. Satya Nadela-led Microsoft is now shaking hands with other platforms and welcoming them aboard. Last year Microsoft announced a new Linux-oriented certification called MCSA: Linux on Azure. Now the love between Microsoft and Linux seems to be deepening.

According to a recent ZDNet report, Microsoft and Canonical has made a partnership deal. This partnership will bring Ubuntu on Windows 10. This will not be accomplished via virtual machine and Ubuntu will run simultaneously with Windows 10. Ubuntu will be working as an integrated part of Windows 10.

Citing sources, ZDNet reports that the announcement of partnership between Microsoft and Canonical will be made at Microsoft’s Build event. Build event is going to be held today, 30th March it self.

The target audience of Ubuntu on Windows 10 is not end-users, however. ZDNet report suggests that Canonical and Microsoft are doing this primarily for the developers.

Canonical and Microsoft are doing this because Ubuntu on Windows’ target audience is developers, not desktop users.

Until now, Linux lovers have been using virtual machines to run their favorite Linux flavors on Windows. Other third-party utilities like Cygwin has been allowing users to throw Linux commands on Windows machines.

Ubuntu will primarily run on a foundation of native Windows libraries.

With Ubuntu making its way to Windows 10 via native support, this will surely open up some exciting new horizons for users as well as both companies. It will be interesting to see how far the partnership goes. We will be waiting for the deal to be officially announced at Microsoft Build.

What do you think about Microsoft and Canonical partnership? Share your thoughts about Ubuntu on Windows 10.

Source: ZDNet

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