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Twitter Has Silently Turned On Algorithmic Timeline On Your Account

In an (un)expected move, Twitter has silently turned on its new ‘algorithmic timeline’ feature for all users. After Twitter’s secretive move, users have to “opt-out” of this feature in order to turn it off

The news of Twitter messing up users’ timeline was widely seen as ‘the death of Twitter.’ When #RIPTwitter trended for a whole day worldwide, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had to clarify that they are not planning to launch the new timeline change “next week”.

Just within a week of Jack’s statement, Twitter dramatically introduced its algorithmic timeline feature. Upon its launch, the new “Show me the best Tweets first” option was told to be “strictly opt-in” by Twitter. Those who wished to turn it on, could do so from Settings.

Now it seems that Twitter’s “strictly opt-in” feature has been enabled by default to everyone and users will now have to “opt-out” of this feature, if they don’t wish to use it. This move was expected ever since the feature’s introduction.

I noticed “Show me the best Tweets first” setting turned on by itself today when changing a few settings. But as The Next Web reports citing other users, the setting has been enabled by Twitter as early as from 15th March.

How to turn off Twitter Algorithmic Timeline feature?

To turn off the new Twitter timeline feature, head over to Settings > Account and look for Timeline under Content section. Turn off the Show me the best Tweets first option and save settings, enter your password and you’re done.

turn off Twitter algorithmic timeline

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