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Windows 10 Apps are Coming to Xbox One Later This Summer

When Satya Nadela-led Microsoft introduced the idea of Universal Windows Platform, it was indeed serious. Now taking one step further towards is Universal Windows Platform [UWP], Microsoft is bringing Windows 10 apps to its Xbox One gaming console.

The news of Xbox One receiving Windows 10 apps were revealed by Microsoft’s Jason Ronald at the Game Developers Conference 2016. Jason said that Windows 10 apps will be able to run on the Xbox One and that is happening as soon as this summer.

For the first time, Microsoft has given a specific time-frame for such big step but it remains unclear how exactly the Windows store will work on Xbox One platform. One this is certain right now that Microsoft is soon merging Xbox Store with Windows 10 store.

Microsoft will gradually be adding more support for Windows 10 apps on Xbox One throughout this year to provide more advanced graphics settings that PC gamers demand for.

With UWP, Microsoft is aiming to make games development for Windows easier for developers. Thanks to UWP, developers can develop a single app that will run on a PC, tablet, phone, Xbox One and eventually HoloLens by adopting their screen size.

Microsoft is optimistic about merging Windows 10 and Xbox store into one and says this will allow developers to reach more than 200 million Windows 10 devices and about 18 million Xbox One consoles out there.

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Via: BusinessInsider

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