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3 Variants of Microsoft Surface Phone May Arrive in Early 2017

Strong rumors of Microsoft Surface Phone have been around since long. After the successful launch of new Surface devices with Windows 10, these rumors have been getting even stronger. If unconfirmed reports are to be believed, Microsoft is indeed working on Surface-brand phone but that will not happen until 2017.

Sources told Windows Central that three different variants of this premium flagship smartphone could arrive in early 2017. These three variants could reportedly be: Consumer, Business and Prosumer / Enthusiast, according to Windows Central. These Surface Phone models could be different in terms of features, processors, internal storage and prices.

The reports of Microsoft Surface Phone hints toward Microsoft killing its Lumia lineup and Lumia 650 will possibly be the last Lumia phone we’ll see. It is speculated that Microsoft is moving away from the budget-phone market to high-end flagships and Surface Phone may become the first example.

Windows 10 Mobile: Dead on Arrival

While Microsoft’s latest operating system is quickly gaining market share in PC and tablet segments, the launch of Windows 10 mobile to older devices was long delayed. Microsoft finally made Windows 10 mobile available to select phones recently, but Windows 10’s share in mobile segment continued to fall, coming as low as 1.7 percent.

Microsoft is still struggling in mobile phone OS market and is dominated by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. With the launch of Windows 10, this was expected to be changed but the results are still not positive. Windows 10 mobile was considered to be dead even before it was born. Right now, various OEMs are busy releasing their Windows 10 mobiles are it is possible Windows 10 mobile will soon climb up.

The possible launch of Surface Phone will help Microsoft gain a better place in mobile market. It will be worth waiting to see these speculations and rumors to turn into reality.

What do you think about Surface Phone? Will we be seeing anything close to these speculations? Feel free to add your comments.

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