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Triby Is the First Non-Amazon Device to Feature Alexa

France-based startup Invoxia joined Amazon’s $100 million Alexa fund last year. Amazon set up this fund to help developers integrate Alexa Voice Service (AVS) into third-party products. Now Invoxia has unveiled an update to its Triby portable hub which features Alexa voice command functionality.

The Alexa-powered Triby can now take voice commands just like Amazon’s own Echo does. It can also stream music and connect to smart home devices like Philips Hue.

Triby can provide useful information, get the news, set alarms, and more using just your voice -thanks to Alexa. You can just say the wake word “Alexa” and Triby responds instantly to your commands.

Triby Alexa Powered Portable Hub

Triby also lets you make calls over VoIP or with a paired smartphone from 15 feet away using its companion app available on Andoird and iOS. What makes Triby different from Amazon Echo speakers is its alwys-on display which shows information like date & time, weather, track title and artist etc. You can also draw doodles on your smartphone and share it on Triby’s screen.

Triby’s display is surrounded by grey speaker grill which gives it the old school radio look. On its side, it features protective rubber bumpers. These bumpers are available in four colors: Red, Blue, Green and Grey. Triby’s magnetized back is used to stick it to metal surfaces like a refrigerator. It also features a cute little plastic flag which pops out of its side when new notifications are received.

Triby Portable Hub Amazon

The Alexa-enabled Triby offers up to 2 weeks of battery life (2 days when Alexa is on) and its Lithium ion battery can be charged using micro USB.

Triby -the first non-Echo device to feature Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service is available on Amazon for $199. Right now you can order Triby at a discount of $30 costing you $169.

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