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Want to Try Microsoft’s Word Flow for iOS Keyboard? Here’s How

After acquiring SwiftKey back in February, Microsoft has been actively working towards putting its acquisition to work. Microsoft first released Hub keyboard for Android and iOS. Now the company is working on Word Flow for iOS. Word Flow is a Windows Phone keyboard which is being ported to iOS.

In addition to making typing easier, Word Flow keyboard for iOS will also bring the ability to customize keyboard backgrounds and the ‘one hand mode’ which makes letters available in an arc. This arc-shape keyboard mode will allow users’ hand to reach on letters easily and make typing from one hand convenient and fast.

How to Try Word Flow for iOS?

Word Flow for iOS is currently in closed beta stage. Microsoft is all set to open up the beta to everyone and you will soon be able to try it out on your iPhone. Microsoft has setup a page where you can subscribe to download Word Flow once it is available.

To register, all you need to do is to visit this page and enter your email. You will be added to the ‘invite list’ and an invitation to try Word Flow for iOS will be sent to you. It is not clear exactly when the open beta will begin but it should not take long.

Our app is currently in a closed beta release, which means we want to get it JUST right before we open it up to everyone.

An Android version is also said to be in works but its status is unknown so far. For now, you can subscribe to try Word Flow keyboard on iOS, once the public eta is open.

Have you tries Word Flow keyboard? Do share your experience with us! Also take a look at the video below and see Word Flow for iOS in action.

Source: Microsoft

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