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SiteGround Support Review: A Newbie Friendly Host With Great Support

Most novice bloggers taking their first step into the word of blogging go through a lot of confusion while choosing a web host. These fellow bloggers usually end up hosting their blogs with famous domain registrars. This review about SiteGround Support is aimed towards novice bloggers which will help clear a lot of confusion.

There’s nothing wrong hosting a blog with companies whose primary business is to register domain, but your decision could be proved wrong in long run. Domain registrars mainly focus on getting new domain registrations while web hosts put more efforts in making their hosting better. When your blog starts receiving hits and you pile up more data than before, problems start appearing.

You have to contact your host, explain issues and after never-ending conversation, they come up with an answer like “the problem is at your end.” All this sounds (and feels) very frustrating. That’s why choosing a right host is very important since the very beginning.

I also went through the same situation when my sites started facing unusual downtime, support was of no help and frustration of lost business was taking over me. I am glad to let my readers know that before and after moving my hosting to SiteGround, their support has been their best features which many major hosts lack.

SiteGround Support: Contact Options and Response Times

Contacting SiteGround is fairly easy task. You don’t need an account to contact them for your pre-sale queries. SiteGround can be contacted via telephone or live chat. They also have a support section where you can open your ticket. The best option is to use Live Chat especially with your pre-sale queries.

SiteGround Support Options

As they advertise, a SiteGround representative joins your chat or answers your call almost instantly. After thoroughly and patiently understanding your question, the SiteGround rep will reply politely and calmly with all the information you require. They will even guide you through steps required to perform any activity like purchasing a service.

In support area, the first response is made by their staff within 15 minutes. Regular updates are posted afterwards to keep you updated with your query.

You can contact SiteGround 24/7 via any of these options. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete newbie. Their staff will gladly and calmly answer your questions -no matter how stupid they might sound. A new blogger usually has more questions than experienced ones and that isn’t a problem while speaking to a SiteGround representative.

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SiteGround Support: Technical Knowledge

SiteGround’s customer service staff is well-equipped with technical knowledge. Every staff member is well-versed in different areas like domain purchase/hosting, applications (like WordPress, Joomla), cPanel, SSL, email etc. In case a personnel lacks knowledge in specific area, he/she will instantly consult seniors without keeping you waiting.

SiteGround Support: The Human and Social Side

When you contact SiteGround, they present themselves as humans rather than sounding too formal like a machine or bot -especially during Live Chat. You can actually “talk” to the representative related/unrelated to your issue and he/she will respond without being formal.

All SiteGround support staff members have their social profiles where you can learn more about them. They have their portrait pic so you know whom you’re talking to. Their profile include their technical knowledge, what they do in their spare time and about their experience with SiteGround. This human and social side of SiteGround is something you don’t usually get to see will all hosts.

SiteGround Support Profile

SiteGround Support: Final Thoughts

A quick, friendly and enthusiastic support is SiteGround’s one of the best feature. With three 24/7 support options, quick response time and calm approach of their staff makes SiteGround one of the best newbie friendly host. If you are a new blogger looking for an awesome host with even more awesome support, then SiteGround should be your choice. They will not disappoint you for sure.

Besides a great customer support, SiteGround has many other features like better speed and robust security too. Make sure to check our all SiteGround features and their latest hosting plans.

Who is your preferred host? Share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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