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How to Stop All Sites from Asking You to Allow Push Notifications [Firefox]

There are some elements that I find the most annoying on the web. Autoplay videos or ads, popups, websites whining about ad blockers and then showing you a ton of ads when you turn your ad blocker off, and websites asking you to turn on push notifications are some of them. In center of this tutorial is push notifications and stopping ‘all’ websites from asking your permission for the same.

Push notifications are good for smartphones. That’s where they belong. On the web, it annoys the hell out of me. I have never allowed a single website from sending me push notification. But the thing is, pressing ‘No’ doesn’t stop them from seeking permission again – unless you block them specifically in your browser’s settings.

Blocking websites one by one is painful and baseless when you visit plenty of sites a day and half of them wish to send you notifications. So, the best way is to block all websites from doing so – once and for all. How? That’s exactly what this tutorial is all about.

Stop Sites from Asking You to Turn On Push Notifications

Firefox has recently announced a ‘feature’ that blocks all requests to allow notifications. After you turn this option on, no website will be able to seek your permission.

This will, however, not block websites from sending you notifications if you had previously ‘allowed’ them. In which case, you will have to either remove them from the list or turn their permission to ‘Block.’

Firefox Menu

Turning this option is easy. Click the ‘menu’ icon on the right side of your Firefox screen and go to Preferences. Then head over to Privacy & Security.

Now scroll down to find Permissions area. Click Settings in front of Notifications and turn on the option that says Block new requests asking to allow notifications. Click Save Changes and you’re done.

Firefox Settings

That’s all. Now no website on the web should annoy you by asking your permission to turn on push notification. Relief, this brings me a lot of relief.

Turn off Push Notification in Firefox Browser

That’s all, folks. This was a quick tutorial showing how to stop all websites from asking you to allow push notifications in Firefox. I hope you found this tutorial useful and I would like to thank you for reading.

Do you use push notifications on the web? What do you think about them? Are the really useful? Do share your thoughts with me.

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  1. Doesn’t work. There are still some, somehow getting through. I’m not an idiot .. I know where the setting is, and I’m not the only one that’s seen browsers are still letting these annoying things slip in.

    W3C should have NEVER allowed this into the SPEC … the only reason its there is that the content creator lobbyists persuaded w3c in some form that it was the latest greatest thing ever … and rather than leave it to the relegation of requiring a user to go out and GET a plugin or addin … they had to add it as a default ..

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