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AdGuard VPN’s Android App Gets First Stable Release

AdGuard has announced the availability of the stable build of their VPN app for Android. The Android version of AdGuard’s VPN was under beta testing since June and was available for free. A month later, the app was made available at special ‘beta price.’ After months of beta testing, it looks like AdGuard is ready to launch the final build of its VPN app for Android.

AdGuard VPN currently offers 30 locations worldwide. The app shows ping times with locations and shows three locations with lowest ping on top. This helps users choose the fastest server when they don’t want to connect to a specific location. AdGuard claims to have a ‘no-logging policy’ meaning activity and connection logs are not stored. The VPN does, however, collect minimal information about the usage to identify technical issues and says the information cannot be used to connect you to ‘any specific activity or behaviour.’

AdGuard VPN for Android

AdGuard VPN’s Android app features kill-switch which will block internet connection in case the VPN is disconnected. The Split Tunnelling feature lets users route select traffic the outside VPN tunnel. Users can choose to run AdGuard VPN in either ‘regular’ or ‘selective’ mode. In regular mode, all traffic passes through VPN and users can add exceptions. While selective mode routes only select traffic through VPN as set by users.

AdGuard’s popular ad blocker works seamlessly with the VPN. Both apps identify each other automatically and work without requiring extra steps. The compatibility can be turned off if you wish to use only one of the apps. It would be nice to offer both ad blocker and VPN via a single app, in my opinion.

Among the usual features like speed, no-log policy, multiple locations, kill-switch etc. what distinguishes AdGuard’s VPN is the protocol. AdGuard VPN uses an in-house VPN protocol that ‘distinguishes itself as normal traffic.’ AdGuard says the protocol offers fast speeds while also making it more difficult to detect that you are using a VPN. I would be more comfortable using a VPN like Mullvad or NordVPN that implements WireGuard protocol.

The yearly subscription of AdGuard VPN costs $35.88 plus tax. If you prefer paying monthly, you will pay $5.99. There’s also a free plan that offers 3GB traffic throttled at 20Mbps. AdGuard VPN is also available as browser extension for Firefox and Chrome while apps for iOS, Windows, and macOS are ‘coming soon.’

The crowded VPN scene just got one more player in AdGuard. While there are countless apps that offer free VPN traffic, they should be avoided if privacy is your concern. Stick to more well-known names like NordVPN, Mullvad or Mozilla VPN if you care for your digital privacy. I would like to see AdGuard making it to this small list of recommended VPNs.

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