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Leaked iPhone 6 Photos Show Lightning Port, Headphone Jack and Rear Shell

As with every iPhone release, rumors surrounding the next iPhone are surfacing all over the internet. Rumors and speculations about the next iPhone’s size, features, tech specs are all over. Many iPhone 6 concept photos are also being seen. Now as the next iPhone release is coming near, guys at have got their hands on leaked iPhone 6 photos. These leaked photos shows flex cable, lightening connector, headphone jack and rear shell of an alleged iPhone 6.

The first iPhone 6 photo showing headphone jack is shows almost no difference than iPhone 5S headphone jack. But looking closely at it shows two screw holes to keep the headphone jack in place instead of one.


Another leaked iPhone 6 photo allegedly shows rear shell. The Apple logo at the back of the rear shell is identical to other photos leaked before. It is believed that the next iPhone is going to be 4.7-inch in size and speculations surrounding next iPhone to be slightly bigger that its predecessor are strong.


The next iPhone is believed to be released this fall probably in September. There are other rumors about even bigger iPhone model being released. It is believed that Apple is going to release 5.5-inch variant of iPhone 6 too. Now we don’t know how reliable these “rumors” are but the coming time will surely tell when the cat will finally be out of the bag. It is just a matter of a few weeks before the next iPhone comes out of Apple’s den.

Are we holding our breath yet?

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