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New iPhone 6 Photos Leaked: Reveals NFC and Wifi 802.11ac

Leaks, rumors, rumors, leaks. These rumors and leaks are going to stop at nothing. And if iPhone release is near, there has to be leaks and rumors. Just a few days ago, iPhone 6 photos showing lightning port, rear shell and headphone jack were leaked. Now newly released photos of iPhone 6 logic board hints towards the next iPhone having NFC and Wifi 802.11ac.

Folks at has released a couple of photos showing alleged iPhone 6 PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The PCB suggests that the next iPhone could be finally having long missing feature NFC (Near Field Communication), which is already available in many Android smartphones. Along with NFC, Wifi 802.11ac is also taking entry into the iPhone world. 802.11ac, already available in Apple’s MacBook Air and AirPort Extreme, is the latest, fastest, and most reliable version of 802.11 so far, offering the speed of more than 1.3 Gigabits per second. If this rumor is to be believed, the next iPhone in your hand will be equipped with Wifi 802.11ac.

iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 PCB

While the Wifi 802.11ac will give you super fast wifi, NFS can bring you the whole new world of fast file sharing and other features like secure, contactless payment system.

If these rumors and leaks excites you, hold your breath. Because other “leaks” may follow soon. And until Apple finally releases the next iPhone, which is expected in September, we have to rely on rumors and leaks only. Cause there isn’t always some Apple guy that “forgets” an iPhone prototype in a bar!

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