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Want to Use Any Image As Emoji On Your iPhone? Here’s How

Remember when we were new to MSN and Yahoo Messenger era? How we used to use those smileys to show our emotions while chatting? These smileys, also known as emoticons, were a great way to express emotions while chatting. Smileys allowed to say us more without typing. In this era of mobile telephony, the use of emoticons still continues. Anybody using a smartphone knows about Emojis these days. Emojis, previously used in Japan in messages, are now famous and are used almost everywhere. While there are a lot of emojis available to use, we never get tired of them. Now there is an app that lets you use images as emojis on your iOS device.

The app called Imojiapp lets you turn your favorite selfies, animals, and celebrities into stickers, which you can use in iMessage on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Creating Imojis is fairly simple. All you have to do is to choose a picture, crop it as you may wish, and use it with iMessage. If you find this tedious, Imoji also allows you to browse though the collection of emojis submitted by other users.




Developed by Builds LLC, Imoji is free to download through App Store. You can click here to download Imoji from App Store.

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