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Bend it Like iPad: The iPad Air 2 Bend Test

You know which news we enjoyed the most after the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus here at Tech Stuffer? News about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus bending. There is a lot being written about iPhone 6 being bent too easily and all this iPhone 6 bending saga has became known as #bendgate all over the internet. There are users who have posted pictures and videos of their bent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. A website, One of the Nine has collected proofs from social networks such as Twitter and Instagram about bent iPhones and according to One of the Nine, there are more than 200 users whose iphone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus has bent. While a number of users are complaining over #bendgate, Apple has claimed they have received only 9 complaint about bent iPhones.

Now to add more shame in Apple’s #bendgate saga, the newly released iPad Air 2 has been “bend tested” by YouTube user Marvin Macht. And to our surprise, iPad Air 2 bends, and it bends a lot! Now, it does not make sense when a tablet is bend tested by putting intense force on it and no one will ever do that to an expensive tablet but after the iPhone 6 #bendgate, we really wanted to see if the new kid from Apple – iPad Air 2 bends like iPhone 6 or not. So somebody had to do it and Marvin has just did it. The iPad Air 2 #bendtest video uploaded on YouTube clearly shows how badly iPad Air 2 bends. At the end of the video, Marvin’s iPad Air 2 is completely wrecked into pieces (while still working!).

Again, this is not usual that anyone who buys an iPad will bend it knowingly or just to “test” it but after the iPhone 6 #bendgate being viral, we are not sure if people will start doing it, just for fun! Watch the iPad Air 2 bend test video below and share your views.

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