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The Dress That Broke The Internet Is Now Available As iPhone Case

The Dress, #DressGate, #blackandblue, #whiteandgold – there are some terms that took the whole internet by storm just a couple of days ago when a Tumblr user posted photo of a dress and asked if it was White and Gold or Black and Blue. This simple question divided the whole internet into two. Some said it was white and gold while some said it was black and blue. Even top celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian were among others who joined the #dressgate. Some said the dress was rather ugly instead of debating over its color. Now to take advantage of this viral event, an online retailer Bastex is offering the dress as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus case.

Bastex is offering iPhone cases in both White/Gold and Black/Blue colors. This case is being sold at $16.99 on Amazon and is available for pre-order. The iPhone 6 case will ship from 27th March and iPhone 6 Plus case will start shipping from 31st March.

The #dressgate is still taking over the internet. The maker of this dress, Roman Originals say that the sales of this dress has increased by 347 percent. In fact, #thedress is also taking form of tattoo.

We are not sure if the frenzy over the dress will continue till 27th March and people will still be interested in purchasing the iPhone case but the dress is surely still a hot topic as of now.

The Dress iPhone Case on Amazon

What are your thought? Is the frenzy over the dress is worth? Will you be interested in buying the dress iPhone case? Your comments are welcomed.

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