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The Next iPhone to Bare 1080p Display? – The iPhone Rumour Mill

The next addition into iPhone family is way far to be even announced but as with every other iPhone release, the rumour mill is already rolling hard. The latest rumour about the next iPhone models, which are guessed to be named iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus is that iPhone 6S will bare the glory of full HD 1080p display. iPhone 6S Plus, the bigger model of iPhone 6S will get a 2K display. And that’s not it. The next iPhone is also going to receive other hardware upgrades as well.

If rumours are to be believed, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus will receive Force Touch technology that is being used in recently released Apple Watch. iPhone 6S and 6S plus will also see upgrade in RAM which will be increased to 2 GB. As usual, the next iPhone will bare a better performing processor.

iPhone camera has not see any upgrade in megapixels since iPhone 4S which was 8MP. Since than, iPhone camera has stayed to 8MP with enhancements in lens and picture quality. Rumour has it that the next iPhone will finally get an upgrade in camera. The next iPhone camera is said to be of 12MP.

iPhone 6S plus is said to be receiving sapphire display. The Touch ID technology will see significant improvements.

Apple is also said to stop manufacturing 16 GB iPhone models starting from iPhone 6S and 6S plus. The minimum memory will be 32 GB.

The most rumoured thing about next iPhone is that it is going to have Rose-gold as color option.

The enhancement which I desire the most in the next iPhone, and most of the readers will agree upon is to see better battery life. Not better than previous iPhone models, but a battery life which can compete with other smartphones.

The rumour mill is going to have other rumours until the day iPhone is finally released. So let us keep our eyes for these rumours till then. And the most awaited rumour? Well we want to see how the next iPhone will look. Can someone please ‘leak’ some ‘legit’ photos of the next iPhone?

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