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Want to Get 3D Touch on Older iPhone? Here’s How

One of the key features of newly released iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus is 3D Touch. Apple dubs 3D Touch as ‘The next generation of Multi-Touch’. It senses how much pressure user applies on the display and responds accordingly with different options to complete a task. 3D Touch functionality is not available in older devices and if you want to get 3D Touch on older iPhone or other device, read more how you can do that.

Forcy, a tiny little jailbreak tweak developed by Straya Dev Team is an attempt to bring 3D Touch functionality of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to older devices. Forcy mocks 3D Touch by allowing users to either tap an icon and swipe up or long-press on app icons and responding with quick actions. Quick actions help user to do tasks faster. For example, you can invoke quick action on camera icon and tap Take Selfie. This will directly open the camera app with front camera activated. Forcy supports haptic responses (short vibrations) upon successfully executing Forcy on an app icon.

Forcy also works with other apps such as the Phone app. The Phone app provides options to call your favorite contacts or create a new contact using quick actions. Other functions include drafting a new mail, searching mails, going directly to VIP or all inboxes in Mail app. Notes app will allow you to pen down a new note, taking a new photo for a note or starting a new sketch. There are other supported apps including Clock, Calendar, Contacts, Instagram and WhatsApp.

3D Touch on older iPhoneForcy 3D Touch on older iPhone

Forcy does not have capability to mock Peek and Pop function of 3D Touch which allows a user to peek at emails without opening them or viewing a photo without going to Photos while using camera and such. We do hope that such capability will soon be arriving to Forcy.

Forcy requires a jailbroken device running at least iPhone 9.0. Forcy is avaiable for free from BigBoss repo in Cydia.

I’m sure this is a tweak everyone with older devices will love. While Forcy is not a complete clone of 3D Touch, the feature it provides is definitely worth having.

What are your thoughts. Have you tried Forcy? Do share your experience.

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