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Who Copied Whom? It’s Apple Who Copied Us: Says HTC

Bring me some popcorns. This is getting interesting.

Taiwanese tech giant HTC and its new smartphone One A9 are all over in the news. This amount of publicity is something every company would desire but not for the wrong reasons. HTC is accused of copying A9’s design from Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Resemblance between Apple’s iPhone 6s and HTC’s A9’s design is one of the most talked topic all over the Internet. Majority of people are on Apple’s side claiming HTC has copied design from Apple’s iPhone 6s. Now HTC has responded to the accusation saying it’s Apple who copied HTC’s design.

Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia has claimed HTC is a pioneer in metal-clad design. Tong denied that the design of one of its new smartphones had copied Apple’s iPhone. “We’re not copying. We made a uni-body metal-clad phone in 2013. It’s Apple that copies us in terms of the antenna design on the back.” Jack said at a press briefing at the Taiwan launch of the One A9. Referring to HTC One M7 which was released in 2013, Jack further said that HTC enabled the ecosystem in terms of the design breakthrough in radio signals for a metal-clad phone.

HTC One A9 is the second smartphone after Google Nexus powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. HTC One A9 is combined with a multi-directional fingerprint scanner that can make purchases using the Android Pay feature.

Tong’s statement came after The Verge on published a review of HTC One A9. The Verge dubbed HTC’s A9 as ‘the most blatant and highest-profile iPhone ripoff since Samsung’s original Galaxy S.’ “The Taiwanese phone maker decided to copy the most popular smartphone out there, and it prioritized the United States with its most appealing pricing and perks,” the report further added.

A comparison between HTC’s One A9 and Apple’s iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6s vs HTC One A9 iPhone 6s vs HTC One A9

This publicity is surely helping HTC and its One A9 smartphone. HTC’s One A9 is making it all over the news more than it would have made if there was no resemblance between it and iPhone 6s.

What are your thoughs? Who coped whom? Did Apple copy HTC’s design? On HTC lifted the design from iPhone 6s? Is HTC’s One A9 a cheap iPhone running Android? Feel free to add your comments.

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