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CES 2016: Meet Fitbit Blaze: Fitbit’s First Fashionable Fitness Watch

Activity trackers by Fitbit are no stranger anymore. Fitbit is making some of the finest activity trackers in market today but one thing is common among all Fitbit models. They aren’t pretty. But not anymore! Today at CES 2016, Fitbit announced Fitbit Blaze fitness watch which is Fitbit’s most stylish activity tracker so far.

Wearable fitness trackers are no longer fitness tracker these days. They are more of fashion accessory. A fitness tracker, that looks and feels like a fitness tracker just doesn’t seem enough. With the launch of Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit has changed the way its trackers look and feel. Fitbit Blaze looks like a smart watch without all of those third-party apps in it.  You can wear it as an accessory, while it tracks your activities all day long (and night too!).

Most activity trackers available today carry a standard and rather ugly rubber band. On the other hand, smart watches like Apple Watch, and Android wear has more of style quotient. Fitbit Blaze lies somewhere in middle. Blaze can be paired with fashionable bands of different colors and material. Blaze, also became the first Fitbit to have a color touchscreen display.

With Fitbit Blaze’s launch, Fitbit is trying to bridge gap between a fitness tracker and a smart watch. Design-wise, Blaze isn’t a breakthrough product, but Fitbit must be planning to get more stylish in future.

CES 2016: Meet Fitbit Blaze: Fitbit’s First Fashionable Fitness Watch

The most notable drawback with Blaze though, is that it lacks in-built GPS. Blaze will pull GPS data from a smartphone. Fitbit’s previous model Surge had native GPS function. If GPS is left aside, Blaze has strong functional capabilities.

Blaze can track daily steps, sleep, calories burned, and 15 different types of exercises. Thanks to the anonymous data shared by Fitbit users over the years, Fitbit Blaze is now using SmatTrack feature. With SmartTrack, Blaze is able to auto-track activities like running, walking, tennis, basketball, soccer, and machine workouts. Auto-track means users does not have to tell Blaze to “record” an activity and it can identify the activity by it self.

Blaze also offers guided workouts thanks to its native FitStar app which Fitbit acquired last year. In addition to track activities, Blaze can also show basic notifications like calls, messages, and calendar notifications. Users can also reject an incoming call and control music playing on a smartphone with Blaze.

According to Fitbit, Blaze’s battery will last for five days which is certainly not bad for a color display and a small device without in-build GPS.

Fitbit Blaze is available in three colors: Black, Blue and Plum at $199.95. You can pre-order Blaze right now and expect it to be shipped by March.

CES 2016: Meet Fitbit Blaze: Fitbit’s First Fashionable Fitness Watch

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