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iPhone 7 Could Get Bigger Battery Thanks to EMI Shield Technology

If unconfirmed reports are to be believed, Apple’s next iPhone model could get bigger battery and faster Wi-Fi. Apple is said to be working on a new technology for iPhone 7 which would increase device’s performance while decreasing electromagnetic interference to major chips.

According to recent reports, Apple is applying EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) Shield technology to a number of major digital chips including radio frequency (RF), connectivity (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) chips and others that also include the application processor and modems.

Apple has already applied the EMI Shield technology to Apple Watch which was released in April last year. Now it seems Apple is planning to bring the same technology onto major chips of iPhone 7.

What is EMI Shield Technology?

EMI Shield technology prevents unexpected signals generated due to electromagnetic interference. This can allow Apple to use more elaborate chips that pack the parts together. The areas leftover thanks to decreased mounting space between chips can be used for bigger battery eventually allowing the battery to last longer between charges.

This new manufacturing technology would reduce interference leading to faster and better wireless communication. EMI Shield technology would also help reducing interference from wireless charging methods.

Two South Korean companies STATS ChipPAC Ltd. and Amkor Technology are working on EMI shielding technology for new iPhones. The unconfirmed reports of EMI shield technology have come from people close to these companies.

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Via: Petently Apple

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