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Mom Shoots and Sledgehammers Kids’ iPhone, Blaming Social Media

Excessive use of social media can be harmful. Both for you and your phone. An iPhone was recently KIA (Killed in Action) by a furious mom who was unhappy about her kids’ use of social media.

A video posted by Daily Mail -which shortly started surfacing on the Internet, shows a woman with a rifle in her hands. “I hereby denounce the effects that social media have on my children,” said the furious mom before shooting the phone. “Their disobedience and their disrespect.” The mom then takes aim and shoots off the iPhone in first shot.

I refuse to be cursed. I refuse to be disobeyed. I take back my role as your parent.

Man behind the camera then collects the pieces of iPhone -which is now ripped apart, and set it up on a tree trunk. The woman then takes a sledgehammer and smashes those remaining pieces, finishing her job.

“My children’s lives are more important to me than any electronic on this earth,” says the mom. “I refuse to have them influenced in negative ways, contacting people they don’t know, being involved in drama they don’t need to be in, and being in trouble at school for having phones out.”

Meanwhile the three teenagers -obviously not happy, are still unmoved and irrespective of their mom’s actions. “Good for you, we still don’t give two f***s,” says one of them. Another one is seen showing middle fingers to the camera. After shooting and sledgehammering the phone, the woman walks away saying “I’m done” and the video ends.

It is not clear what left the mom so angry about her kids’ use of social media and whether the video was scripted or not. It’s unusual seeing something like this happening though, especially in the era where we are so much connected with the Internet and social media.

What do you think about the mom and her actions? Feel free to add your comments.

Source: Daily Mail

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