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What to Do If You Don’t Receive Your Amazon Affiliate Cheque

Hey there fellow bloggers and affiliate marketers. Today I wanted to cover the subject of Amazon Affiliate cheque not being received by associates. This usually affects affiliates not living in the same country as the country they’re promoting Amazon products in.

An affiliate might be living in India, for example and promoting Amazon US products. In such case, the only way of receiving payment is via cheque as Amazon does not support direct bank transfers outside of the operating country.

It usually takes more than two weeks for an Amazon Affiliate cheque to arrive. Sometimes this cheque is lost in transit -without the possibility of being traced. If you ever face this situation and the frustration following it, this article will help you receive your payment. Once you resolve this, it may be a good idea to switch to Payoneer and start receiving your Amazon affiliate payment right into your bank about within a week.

How Many Days Does It Take for Amazon Affiliate Cheque to Arrive?

The estimated time of a cheque being delivered in other part of the world (India, for example) is about one month. It usually arrives within two weeks but you should wait until it has been a month since the payment was sent to you.

Payments are sent at the end of each month (after you reach the threshold of $100). You’ll have to wait for a month to pass until taking further actions. You can check the email sent by Amazon Associates to know when exactly the cheque was sent to you.

It Has Been Over A Month. What Should I Do Now?

So you’ve kept patience but it has been over a month since Amazon sent you your cheque. It hurts when a payment is not received on time and Amazon understands this too (not as much as to provide direct bank transfer facility though). This is why you need to contact the Amazon Associates support right away and make them aware of your situation.

Make sure you keep your email, affiliate ID and other information ready in order to verify yourself when contacting Amazon.

How Do I Contact Amazon Associates Support?

There are three ways of contacting Amazon Associates support. You can either email them, call them or use the live chat option. Depending on your location, giving them a call could prove to be a costly affair. So choose one from either email or live chat.

To contact the support team, log-in to the Amazon Associates Central and look for Contact Us link at the bottom of the page. Click Contact Us and you’ll be taken to the page showing ways you can contact support.

Amazon Affiliates Contact Us Link

On this page you’ll come to know that the live chat option is not a 24/7 support. You’ll need to contact them between 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific time on any day of the week including Saturday and Sunday. At other times, the live chat option will remain unavailable.

If you’re on right time to use live chat, click Start Chatting button and your chat session will begin. Or if the live chat isn’t available, you can email them as last option.

To email Amazon Associates support, you can use the contact form on the same page. Fill in all details and select Payment under Subject.

Contact Amazon Associates Support

No matter which option you choose, make sure to make yourself clear that you haven’t received your cheque. Also tell them which month’s cheque didn’t reach you. If you’re using the chat option, the support representative will probably tell you he/she will need to contact the payment department.

For this to happen, you’ll be asked to wait for an email that will contain further instructions. In any case, the support will cancel the previously sent cheque and send you a new one.

How Is the New Cheque Issued?

The Amazon Affiliate payment team will need to verify that the cheque has actually not been deposited and payment has not been made. After they verify this with their bank, they will issue a fresh cheque for you.

Verification and issuance of a new Amazon Affiliate cheque can take up to 2-3 weeks. You should receive an email when a new payment has been made to you. If you don’t receive an email after two weeks, contact the support again to ask them if the cheque was sent.

Okay, What Next?

You’ve kept patience but the cheque didn’t arrive. You’ve contacted Amazon and they’ve assured you a new cheque will be issued. Now you need to keep some more patience.

You will need to wait for 2 to 3 weeks before a new cheque has been sent and at least 20 more days till the cheque reach your address.

Depending on where you live, it takes about a month (or even more) for an international cheque to clear. So keep the stock of your patience ready, because you’ll need that a lot.

What If I Receive the Cheque Sent Previously?

Good question. If by chance you receive the Amazon Affiliate cheque that was previously sent to you (which didn’t reach you on time and you asked Amazon to issue a fresh one), then don’t try to deposit that cheque.

Why, you ask? Because that cheque was already cancelled and you will need to pay your bank a good chunk of money for trying to deposit a void cheque. So, keep that cheque away or even shred it. It’s of no use now.

But wait, before throwing the cheque away, make sure to check when the cheque was issued. It could be the new cheque. So if it appears to be issued on the most recent date, then don’t throw it away.

In case of confusion, contact the Amazon support again and verify if this is a new cheque or the cancelled one.

Summing It Up

Cross-border letters being lost en route is nothing new and your Amazon cheques are no exception. Amazon takes good care of such cases and makes sure you receive your payment soon.

If you don’t receive your Amazon affiliate cheque after a month has passed, you should contact Amazon and ask for a new cheque to be issued. After verifying this with the payment department, Amazon support will issue a new cheque for you.

To make sure you receive your Amazon Affiliate payment on time, consider using Payoneer which will help you receive your payment within a week. You can read my complete guide on receiving Amazon Associate payment via Payoneer.

I hope you receive your Amazon Affiliate cheque soon and you don’t have to wait this much in future.

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