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8 Reasons Why I Love Amazon Affiliate Network

Various affiliate networks have always been part of bloggers’ monetization strategy. In a nutshell, affiliate networks work in a pretty simple way. You -as a blogger, send referrals to these networks and they pay you a commission for every sale you refer. While there are tons of affiliate networks available, in this article I will list-out 5 reasons why I love Amazon affiliate network.

8 Reasons Why I Love Amazon Affiliate Network

  1. Amazon Affiliate is One of the Oldest Program of Its Kind
  2. If I’m not wrong, Amazon started its affiliate program in 1996 -2 years after ts inception as Cadabra and 1 year after changing the brand name to “Amazon.” The Internet was new -yet a booming sector in this era.

    Since its launch, Amazon has successfully continued its affiliate program and extended it to its other country-specific stores as well. For 20 years, Amazon has been running one of the best affiliate program of its kind. The saying “Old is gold” stands correct in case of Amazon affiliate program -also known as Amazon Associates, and it keeps getting better with time.

    Being one of the oldest program, Amazon affiliate has its own benefits. It is more recognized, more rewarding and easy to implement and use.

  3. I Get Commission for Products I Refer, and Products I Don’t
  4. This is one of the best feature of Amazon affiliate -which is available with many other similar programs. I can refer users to a particular product on Amazon store and receive commission for every purchase made by the user. In fact, I get paid even if the product I referred wasn’t even sold and a completely different one was bought by a user.

    Amazon Affiliate Earnings

    Buyers tend to change their mind any time. They can find a product suitable to their choice but their mind could completely change and they end up buying something they didn’t even think about. This may sound weird but it’s true.

    Buyers also buy products related to the one they are ordering. Take smartphone accessories for example. I get paid for everything the buyer orders. It simply means I am virtually referring to the whole Amazon product catalogue, being eligible for more commission.

  5. I Have Millions of Products to Refer to
  6. Amazon has millions of products in their catalogue. I have variety of categories to choose from and refer my visitors the best of everything. I can simply choose a niche, develop a website and start sending referrals -quick and easy.

    With millions of products to choose from, I never run out of choices. I can pick any category and product of my choice and refer it. I can have one or multiple websites -dedicated to reviews, recommendations, deals and much more, to get the best out of those millions of products available on Amazon.

    With multiple choices available, my visitors can count on me to recommend the best for them -making my (and their) task easy and earning me trust (and of course some commission).

  7. Amazon Provides Accurate and Detailed Reporting
  8. Amazon has a dedicated area for Associates. This is where I can find accurate, detailed and easy-to-understand reports. I can find the number of referrals I sent, number of sale made via my referrals and pretty much all the information I need to understand and enhance my earning.

    Amazon Associate Reports
    Amazon Associate Reports

    The Associates area shows my performance over time. It also shows which links are clicked, which products were ordered, number of returns etc. I also get to see the name of products customers are actually buying after following my links -helping me update my marketing strategy.

  9. Amazon Pays Bounties for Different Programs
  10. This is another great way of making money with Amazon affiliate program. I get paid a fixed amount of money for referring users to eligible programs. Amazon Prime is one example -where I can get paid for every new trial of Amazon Prime.

    Bounties often last for long period of time -giving me enough opportunities to earn more. I get notified of new bounties -always encouraging me to pitch them to my visitors.

  11. Amazon Provides Advanced Tools for Advertisements
  12. The Associate area of Amazon has many ways in which I can put Amazon’s advertisements on my sites. I can put banners, search box, recommended product etc. on my sites -helping me send more referrals.

    There are other, relatively new tools too. The mobile popover is one of them -which displays the product popover specifically to mobile users.

    These advanced and professional tools help me get more attention -eventually increasing my CTR and sales.

  13. I’m In Good Company with Amazon
  14. Amazon thrives to be “the earth’s most customer centric company” and they apply this goal in all their departments. When I have an issue, I can contact the dedicated Amazon Associates team anytime and get it sorted out. I have never faced challenge in either contacting them or getting things sorted out.

    Contact Amazon Associates Support

    Be it live-chat or email, I always get a quick and valid response. When the representative says “I will get back to you,” he/she will get back to me. They care about my problems and treat them as their own.

    This is what makes Amazon different than other affiliate networks. With many other networks, you don’t get response on time, have to make contact multiple time and still have to wait for the issue to get sorted out.

    Amazon on other hand, does great job at solving them -no matter whatever problem I might be facing.

  15. Amazon Is A Big (Like, Really Big) Brand
  16. Since its inception, Amazon has worked hard to turn into a big, trusted brand. Amazon has succeed with this tough task and earned loyalty of their customer. When I refer my visitors to Amazon, they don’t have to think twice before clicking on my links.

    This way, I always get benefited thanks to Amazon’s hard-earned trust. Customers love Amazon, and Amazon loves them back. In between, I get to love them both -a win-win situation for everyone.

    Being a big, trusted brand doesn’t really help over time. This is why, Amazon always keep working hard on staying on top. This way I always know that my visitors will have the most pleasant experience while shopping and they will return to my sites, as well as keep buying from Amazon.

Why I Love Amazon Affiliate Network: Summing Up

These were the 8 reasons why I love Amazon Affiliate Network. Of course there are reasons to dislike it as well -including long waiting period for payments, direct bank transfers not available to affiliates of other countries etc. I will list them out as well in upcoming article.

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That’s it folks. You were reading 8 Reasons Why I Love Amazon Affiliate Network on I hope you found this article worth your time and I’d like to thank you for reading.

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