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Canon Hit By Maze Ransomware, Hackers Claim to Have Stolen 10TB Data

Canon USA Ransomware Attack

Japanese company Canon has been hit by Maze ransomware according to Bleeping Computer. A source had contacted Bleeping Computer earlier today and shared an internal notification by Canon’s IT department. According to this notification, Canon USA is experiencing ‘wide spread system issues’ affecting multiple applications, Microsoft Teams, emails, and other systems.

More than two dozen domains operated by Canon seems to have been affected by the outage. Bleeping Computer managed to a get a partial screenshot of the ransomware note sent to Canon. “If you do not contact us in a 3 days [sic], we will post information about your breach on our news website and after 7 days the whole downloaded info,” reads the note.

Operators of Maze – a human-operated ransomware – were contacted by Bleeping Computer and claimed to have stolen 10TB of data, databases etc. from Canon. Hackers, however, did not provide a proof of the attack or share the amount of ransom.

LG and Xerox also suffered from Maze attacks earlier in June. Garmin was also a victim of similar attack, although the attack was carried out using WastedLocker. While both WastedLocker and Maze encrypt data, the latter also exfiltrates it, making it impossible to recover data from backup.

Canon was “currently investigating the situation,” as per the statement given to Bleeping Computer and The Verge. The company’s USA website remained offline at the time of publishing.

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