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How to Downgrade Cydia Tweaks

Jay Freeman AKA Saurik, has just released Cydia version 1.1.23. The latest version of Cydia adds some great features and the ability to downgrade tweaks is one of them. Downgrading a tweak simply means to roll-back a tweak to its previous, stable version if, for some reason, the current version is creating issues. In this simple tutorial, you will learn how to downgrade a Cydia tweak.

Step 1
Open Cydia, let it refresh the repositories (sources).

Step 2
Search for the tweak you would like to downgrade and select it. You can also reach the tweak via Installed menu.

Step 3
Once on the tweak’s page, tap Modify and select Downgrade from the available options. Confirm the changes and let Cydia finish-up the process.

Note: A tweak can only be downgraded if the previous version is available on the repository.

That’s it. Pretty easy eh! Well, that’s what best about Cydia – Simple yet robust. That is why we love Cydia and Saurik. Let us hope Saurik comes up with such great improvements in future too. We can’t thank him enough for his great contribution to the jailbreak community.

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