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Symantec to Offer Free TLS Certificates Via Encryption Everywhere

Global leader in Cybersecurity space and one of the world’s largest Certificate Authority (CA) Symantec has announced Encryption Everywhere initiative. Through Encryption Everywhere, Symantec wants 100% of websites to have basic security.

Symantec says that 97% of websites today lack basic security. With Encryption Everywhere, Symantec wants to change the game and encrypt 100% of websites by 2018.

To accomplish this, Symantec will offer free basic SSL/TLS certificates to domains through Web hosting companies that parters in Encryption Everywhere program.

Encryption Everywhere: Partnering with Web Hosting Companies

With this new service, hosting providers will be able to offer a variety of flexible options, including basic website encryption as part of their service. Depending on their requirements, domain owners will be able to opt for paid packages that include extended validation (EV) certificates or wildcard certificates valid for multiple websites hosted on different subdomains.

Symantec is about to change the game for cybersecurity with Encryption Everywhere.

“There are almost a billion websites today, yet only about 3% of those sites are encrypted, which means cybercriminals have been able to make a good living off of the web’s lack of security,” said Roxane Divol, senior vice president and general manager, Website Security, Symantec.

pCloud Encrypted Cloud Storage

Free SSL/TLS Certificates: Change the Game

Symantec is not the only CA to offer free certificates though. Let’s Encrypt, has already issued over a million free certificates in three months of its launch. Let’s Encrypt is a CA run by the Internet Security Research Group [ISRG] and is backed by giants such as Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, Facebook and others.

With companies such as Symantec aiming for a completely encrypted Web, the Web will become better and more secure pace to be.

What do you think about Encryption Everywhere and free TLS certificates? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: Symantec via CIO

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